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Measuring quality outcomes: the next frontier for competition?

Private health and care would be transformed if quality could be measured accurately in a way that patients could really understand. If measured, quality would then soar. And the sterile European private versus public debate would fade out as payers focused... [+]


Spanish operators target medical tourists

Health tourism in Spain grew sales of €500m, up 20% in 2015. Patients traveling to get treatment are still low - 100,000 per year - but the business cluster Spaincares has set to double the size of the market by 2020. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Better hopes for lab outsourcing

We talked to Charles Woler, who turned around French reference lab Biomnis and is now the CEO of bioDS - Biomnis holding company, part of Eurofins. He sees signs that governments are starting to think the unthinkable and that public sector outsourcing of lab tests could grow. Woler is also a panelist at our annual conference, Breaking Barriers 2016 conference. [+]


Report: Russian national survey - weak go to the wall

The oil crisis is smashing up public sector healthcare in Russia and many private operators are strangling on dollar-denominated debt. A third could disappear. Many cash-strapped consumers are turning to the grey market of gifts and bribes, rather than paying private operators. The next few years should bring a wave of consolidation as the strong in the private sector, which still enjoys huge tax breaks and strong demand, take control. We name the top 20 players and look at market forces. [+]
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Apollo sells stakes

German insurer, Munich Re, has almost doubled its stake in an Indian JV with the hospital group Apollo, Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Munich purchased another 23.3% of the equity for 163.5 Crore INR (US$24m), taking its stake to 48.7%. Apollo is also selling a 30% stake in its outpatient business, Apollo Health and Lifestyle (AHLL), for around 500 crore INR (US$73m). KKR, Carlyle and Apax are all said to be in the running. [+]

Insight & Interviews

South Africa’s Motsoaledi throws private insurers a bone

A fascinating interview with the South African Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, by Business Day has shed more light on the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) policy to provide mandatory insurance for all South Africans, rather than the mere 16% covered today. Oddly, Motsoaledi criticised his ministry’s own December 2015 white paper which envisaged private insurers evolving into little more than complementary payors. Instead, he expressly confirmed that this will not happen. The interview also reveals further details of the timetable, funding and plans for low-cost medical schemes. [+]


Report: Colombia - Tax free zones, HMOs and a friendly government

Few countries offer such exciting opportunities for private healthcare as Colombia. The government has set up a series of tax-free medical tourism hubs for Central America, the Caribbean, Venezuela and Peru. Meanwhile the mandatory insurance system which covers 97% of the 48m population is creaking and big payor/providers could be sold to private investors. Colombia's amalgamation of public, private and not-for-profit insurers and operators faces a severe crisis. Small wonder private equity houses such as Tribeca, SEAF Colombia and Advent International are eyeing the sector. [+]
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