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eHealth: towards paperless healthcare systems

“eHealth is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it,” was how one attendee at eHealth in Amsterdam used Dan Ariely’s famous take on big data,... [+]


Polish healthcare reform – PiS takes its time

Poland’s government has announced further plans for reform to its health system. Numerous stakeholders are criticising the health minister, Konstanty Radziwill, over the health budget, tariffs and burden sharing between the central government and the regions. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Interview: Teemu Suna, CEO, Finnish biomedical company Brainshake

Brainshake is a Finnish biomedical company that claims to revolutionise blood testing. It tests for over 200 biomarkers opening a far broader window into the health state of an individual than existing blood tests. And despite beginning commercial operations just three years ago, it already has global ambitions and claims to be highly profitable – enough to secure €5m of primarily non-equity funding. We interviewed its CEO Teemu Suna. [+]


The changing face of cosmetic surgery in Europe

Cosmetic surgery is en vogue in Europe. France and Germany alone saw over 1m procedures conducted for the first time in 2015. But a growth in popularity doesn't necessarily mean the arrival of a consolidation trend. While private equity groups like Aurelius and Polaris have invested in national chains, the market remains extremely fragmented. In this feature, we take a look at the emergence of new players, find out which treatments are growing and ask several executives in the sector about their plans. [+]
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Wound care clinics – the potential in emerging markets

The potential for wound care clinics – especially in emerging markets – is huge. Often costing little to set up, the opportunity to cut costs, cut average length of stay, and operate a quick turnaround (ideally from private payors) should be appealing. So why aren’t we seeing more of them? Healthcare Nova speaks to Rafael Mazuz, MD of OliveSeraph which advises providers how to make such clinics work. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Author defends controversial OECD South African hospital report

In March, we examined a report by the OECD on the affordability of private hospitals in South Africa, and gave space to experts on either side of the debate to discuss the findings. We’re now giving the final author of the report, Tomas Roubal, an economist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), an opportunity to enter the debate after he presented his findings at the Board of Healthcare Funders conference this summer. [+]


The future of healthcare in Nigeria: PPPs and the NHIS?

Healthcare investors generally take a fancy to Nigeria. Africa’s most populous country has a growing middle class and will one day finally put some distance between itself and South Africa as its largest economy. And the petrodollars already flow freely into healthcare; it’s just that no one has bothered to keep it in the country: not the existing fragmented private sector nor the government, which has other priorities - President Buhari gets treated in London! So, surely, all that’s left to do is fly in, start a JV with a local partner, consolidate and cut off the US$3bn medical tourism leak at source? [+]
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