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Report: Teleconsultation – the future of healthcare?

In the United States, teleconsultation reached sales of $100m in 2015 and is expected to hit 1m online visits this year. In Europe, things are moving much slowly. Regulations are not yet in place in most countries, payors have enormous reservations and... [+]


Facebook for care home residents works for Korian

Korian, Europe’s largest nursing home group, has decided to roll out Famileo, a Facebook like app which can be printed off as a magazine, through all its nursing homes across all five countries. The software is designed to make it easier for relatives to communicate with reisdent. We talk about the results of Korian’s trial of the software with Group Project Manager, Stéphane Revault. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Interview: Eduard Maták, partner at Penta Investments

Statist governments were recently elected in both Poland and Slovakia, completing the picture of market scepticism in Visegrad. Predictably, the future of the private healthcare sector is under question. That’s bad news for the Central European investment group, Penta, which favours healthcare services and insurance. Healthcare Europa discussed the changing political landscape and Penta’s future plans with partner, Eduard Maták. [+]


Why the UK care home market is different

Despite the travails of Four Seasons and Bupa's well publicised comments about not being able to make money from UK care homes, EBITDAR margins are surprisingly high for operators and US REITs love the sector. [+]
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Egyptian investment bank EFG Hermes and ex-health minister to launch healthcare fund

Egyptian investment bank EFG Hermes is eyeing majority stakes in three specialised hospitals for a total value of US$56m to US$68m in order to launch a healthcare fund. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Interview: Alejandro Ayón Lacayo, Medical Director, Hospital Cima, Costa Rica

Hospital CIMA San José is attracting medical tourists to Costa Rica. We talk to medical director Alejandro Ayón Lacayo about expanding capacities and competing with other booming Latin American destinations like Colombia. [+]


“Fast and furious growth” – A survey of private healthcare operators in Europe and Emerging Markets

Big for-profit healthcare operators expect to grow sales at over 10% annually for the next five years in Developed and Emerging Markets, but what do they see as their main challenges? A fascinating picture is revealed in a new survey of 81 mainly CEOs and CXOs in 37 countries of predominately large hospital chains, diagnostic lab and imaging players, commissioned by Siemens Healthineers (the new name for Siemens Healthcare) from Healthcare Business International. The quantitive survey was followed up with depth interviews with a dozen respondents. [+]
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