Creating the new healthcare services landscape
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Covering healthcare services in Europe and Emerging Markets

We are the only publisher to track this fascinating sector internationally.

We do this through:

  • The Healthcare Europa subscription newsletter (covering Europe)
  • The Healthcare Nova subscription newsletter (covering Emerging Markets)
  • An annual conference which brings together CXO teams from large operators with their investors and suppliers.
  • An online database which covers the Top 1,300 for-profit operators in Europe.

Healthcare services is a fast-growing and dynamic industry. For-profit providers will grow fast over the next decade as governments seek to cut deficits and as the new middle classes from Brazil to Indonesia seek out high quality, western-style healthcare. The public sector can be efficient and responsive, but private operators are often better at forcing through change.

We cover everything from hospitals and nursing homes to medicalised homecare, domiciliary care, diagnostics (labs and imaging) and medical and non-medical outsourcing. We provide dispassionate and transparent information on this fascinating, fragmented and complex industry. We actively seek out new business models and track the likely impact of healthcare reform at country level.

Our information and data are of great value to:

Private operators

from acute hospitals and nursing homes through to telehealth, homecare and diagnostics who need to understand how best to grow.


(pharma, medtech, outsourcing) who need to understand this powerful new sector.


national and international private equity players, bank analysts, fund managers, REITs and other property investors.


consultants, accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers and bankers


advisors who need to understand what providers can offer and how best to work with them

“I am a huge fan. I consistently find it a very useful source for my work. No one else covers that critical intersection of healthcare, business, health policy and health system performance as well..”
April Harding - Senior Economist, World Bank & Visiting Fellow, The Center for Global Development

"As a CFO, I find Healthcare Europa to be really useful. It tracks M&A well and has a lot of insights on different national markets. Most unusually, it gives you the reality of the situation - something that frightens many people in this industry. Well worth the money."
Joe Ryan - CFO, Medicover

"I like the fact that Healthcare Europa addresses the real issues and challenges of the industry in a timely fashion, sources its information directly from market professionals and does not add the usual 'politically correct' veneer."
Denis Fabre - Managing Director of Healthcare Investment Banking, UBS

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