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Report: Teleconsultation – the future of healthcare?

In the United States, teleconsultation reached sales of $100m in 2015 and is expected to hit 1m online visits this year. In Europe, things are moving much slowly. Regulations are not yet in place in most countries, payors have enormous reservations and... [+]


Ambea set to IPO

Investment analysts expect Swedish care group Ambea to file for an IPO soon. Banks and advisers have already approached it to kick off the process. [+]

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NHS evolution presents a new challenge for private sector

The NHS in England is experiencing an unprecedented crisis as funding deficits and waiting times rise. Pressures on the social care industry, where tariffs and costs are tracking divergent paths, are adding to the strain. The solution in the form of a compromise between the Treasury and NHS England guarantees £8bn of extra funding by 2020 in return for efficiency gains of 2-3% a year, leading to new care models that should join services together, improve care and save costs across the system. But what is the role of the private sector in this changing landscape? [+]


Southern Dental for sale despite English NHS uncertainty

Third largest dental operator Southern Dental is likely to be put up for sale shortly. And there are strong rumours that the number one, MyDentist (previously IDH), and the number two, Oasis may also be sold. But there are uncertainties around Brexit and the NHS dental reform. We talk to industry insiders about the sector's prospects. [+]
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Apollo gets a foot in China

Indian hospital operator Apollo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with development firm Hainan Ecological Smart City Group (HESCG) to create a large healthcare facility, which includes both a hospital and medical college, in Hainan province. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Traditional medicine endorsed by South African doctors

A seemingly innocuous question on the continued role of traditional or faith-based healers in South African healthcare at the Africa Health conference, sparked a fascinating discussion on the practice, which cannot be funded by insurers by law, and yet is relied upon by many in a country, which a recent report found had the lowest life expectancy of 194 countries. [+]


Private insurers in East Asia: Between a rock and a hard place

Private medical insurers face colossal problems in China, India and across South East Asia. At this month’s Asia Healthcare Summit in Singapore, they were better at describing the challenges of culture, fraud and overtreatment than they were at coming up with solutions. [+]
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