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EMEA’s Top 100 largest groups by revenue revealed

HBI’s inaugural HBI Health Care Services Top 100 lists the largest 100 companies by EMEA health care services revenue. In total revenue their revenue came to over €105bn - and we've uncovered some surprising winners and losers. 

COVID-19 and Emerging Market healthcare

We talk to two of the world's largest investors in emerging market health care about Covid's likely impact. Despite so far much lower death rates, the initial effect on health care operators has been worse than in Europe. Covid is set to destroy several motors for growth such as healthcare tourism and the deployment of […]

COVID-19: Care sector confronts crisis, hospitals hit hard

In the second of our two-part deep dive into how COVID-19 is hitting healthcare markets across EMEA, we ask how hospitals are coping with spiralling staff sickness and a flood of patients, and whether the care and dialysis sectors can stay afloat given the risk the virus poses to their most vulnerable patients.

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

Falck pays for breaching competition rules and could still face prosecution

Danish ambulance provider Falck has reached a settlement to pay compensation for breaching competition rules at home. Although this has curtailed any civil proceedings, it may still be facing criminal proceedings and a fine. Looking increasingly abroad for profit in its core business, the company is buying back a 100% share in Slovakian emergency medical services firm Falck Záchranná.

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