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Where a global downturn will hit local private healthcare markets hardest

In which countries will healthcare be worst hit by a COVID-19 recession? We overlay World Bank data on which countries have both high out-of-pocket proportions for healthcare spend and are heavily remittance-reliant. There are some surprises from Europe.

28 million cancelled surgeries worldwide

A study published in the British Journal of Surgery estimates that 28.4 million operations have been cancelled worldwide in the 12 weeks of peak disruption of hospital services due to COVID-19. For this week's infographic, HBI painstakingly plotted the figures against population size to see where people have been most affected.

HBI survey shows how pessimistic operators are for H2 recovery

For this week's infographic, we put together the results of an HBI survey to explore operator confidence of recovery post-COVID. Just 36% are 'very confident' that sales will return to 2019 levels by April 2021.

Tracking changing telehealth regulations

Hungary and Brazil are two of the biggest countries to relax or clarify regulations in response to the coronavirus. This week HBI tracks where it has been allowed, its remit expanded and reimbursement procedures refined. 

When did electives stop?

As infections arcs in Europe start their downward trend, hospital operators are eagerly discussing a return to routine surgical activity. We look at when different countries and cities' imposed restrictions and when a normalisation could occur. 

There may not be a debt crisis this time round

Whist gearing levels have crept up close to the levels reached prior to the 2008 recession, the health care services sector is much less likely to face a crisis this time round because there are fewer covenants and the sector is favoured.

Are hospital/healthcare markets really recession-proof?

We are often told that private hospital and healthcare services are recession-proof sectors. Yet the data available from the 2008-2009 period suggests that is far from the case.

Care homes report infections at alarming rate

What is often overlooked when tallying deaths from COVID-19 by country is that very few national figures include suspected virus fatalities in care homes. As we show here, as many of two-thirds of some regions' care homes have reported infections.

Graphic: For profit hospital involvement in COVID-19 treatment

For this week's infographic, we visualise what percentage of COVID-19 ICU patients are being cared for by Europe's largest for profit hospital operators.

Graphic: how consolidated is Nigeria’s diagnostics market?

For this week's infographic, we visualise the market share of Nigeria's five largest lab and imaging groups, three of which are recent entrants from Europe and the GCC.

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