HBI Infographic of the week

Healthcare spending is expected to be resilient

Using data from Jefferies US and European Research, this week's infographic asks to what extent consumers across five major economies (USA, Italy, Germany, UK, France and Italy) see healthcare spend as a significant area for spending cuts.

The current state of interest and inflation rates

The current macroeconomic environment is slowing down health care services M&A, as inflation eats into margins and debt financing dries up. In this week's infographic we look at the state of interest rates and inflation rates in major economies across the world.

Our most searched for companies of the year

This week we take a look at what our readers were searching for most on our website this year and find out which companies were of greatest interest and most likely to be hitting the headlines, whether it be for all the right - or wrong - reasons.

The UK care home sector

Following our brand new intelligence report on the UK elderly care sector, we look at the size of the for-profit and public/non-profit sectors.

Top 10 EMEA labs groups made almost €8bn extra revenue in 2021

It's no secret that the diagnostic labs sector benefitted immensely from testing during the Covid pandemic. But now that 2021 revenue figures are available for many of the largest groups, it is clear that the scale of the testing windfall has been larger than anyone in the sector imagined.

The price of keeping up with care costs?

Care is getting more expensive. Insurance premiums are set to go up 10% internationally next year. People are living longer, more sedentary lives, and these are unsurprisingly characterised by an increase in chronic diseases. You might expect that as a population ages healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP will have to go up. There are, after all, surely limits on the efficiencies which can be made. This, it seems, is not necessarily the case.

Insurees health concerns, by age

At the recent healthcare insurance conference in Prague, HBI heard about insurees' concerns by age demographic - and how insurers were striving to address them.

Germany only big 5 country to spend more on outpatient than hospitals

Germany's health minister Karl Lauterbach is planning to shift as much as 25% of care which is currently done on an inpatient basis to outpatient, in the country's biggest health care reform in 20 years. But Germany is already unique amongst the big 5 in that it already spends slightly more on ambulatory care than inpatient care.

Infographic: The state of private pay in the UK

The UK's Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) has released its private market update for September 2022, showing the state of private pay in the UK. As is expected with NHS backlogs at a record high, private healthcare is performing very well compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Infographic: Risks of climate change on the supply chain

At the recent Healthcare Procurement Summit in Brussels, multinational conglomerate Philips set out the risks posed to supply chains by climate change - and the steps it felt procurers should take.

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