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Brazil’s Bolsonaro would be good news for private healthcare

With 59% voter support, right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is leading Brazil's polls with only 12 days left before the final vote. What would a win for Bolsonaro mean for Brazilian private healthcare? We speak to market insider Marcelo Fonseca about the potential changes.

Brazil’s largest HMO acquires competitor

Amil, Brazil's largest insurance and hospital operator, has acquired competitor and medical insurance company Sobam Group. We speak to a market expert to find out more.

FREE BLOG M&A is set to go Pan-Latam

There are relatively few Pan-Latam operators of any scale. The big exception is the integrated healthcare management organisations being built by UnitedHealth which is now the largest hospital operator in Brazil and Chile with positions in another half dozen countries. We think that is about to change.

Odontoprev shares drop on H1 results

Brazilian dental plan specialist Odontoprev saw its share drop 7% on H1 results, yet it still paid out in dental services just 45.5% of its second quarter revenue!