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Key themes and takeaways from the IFC’s Emerging Markets conference

Last month, thought leaders from private healthcare systems across the globe gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to network, share their findings, and consider how emerging markets can become more resilient. HBI was there, and these are our key themes and takeaways.

Why Westminster NHS systems fail

Profound pessimism about NHS plans for integrated health and with NHS systems in the UK and Canada was on display from academics at the European Health Policymakers Group which celebrated its 21st year in an afternoon looking at what the group had learnt studying Beveridge (NHS) and Bismarckian (statutory insurer) models.

Social bond finances for-profit diabetes prevention

A Swedish pension fund is investing via a social bond in a programme that aims to stop unfit 50-60 year olds in Stockholm developing diabetes 2 and other expensive conditions. The scheme, run by a start up, is set to roll out more widely in Sweden and internationally. Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies says that Scandinavian countries, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are all keen to up prevention spend and are looking at similar schemes.

Fresenius Helios launches revolutionary primary care offer

Fresenius Helios plans to become the first and only global health care service player by rolling out its Curalie telehealth plus a prefab diagnostic unit (the Cube) starting in Vietnam in October. Deals are being struck with governments in Ghana and Kenya for the group to offer primary care for €10 per cap. to millions. We talk to Fresenius Helios CEO Franceso de Meo.

More questions for Babylon

The more you look at the Babylon SPAC deal, the more black box it looks. The sheer complexity of the US insurance system makes it impossible for investors to assess its prospects with any accuracy. And then there is the question of the $230m sale of shares made by "certain accredited investors". How much of this went to Babylon founder Ali Parsa?

Abu Dhabi signs Israeli MoUs for population health

Abu Dhabi will work with Israel's largest payor-provider Clalit and its largest hospital Sheba Medical Centre in two separate MoUs that promise to work on population health management, genome sequencing and digital health services.

Hancock’s perilous position a problem for the NHS

The future of the UK NHS is changing according to the recent White Paper and Queen's Speech - we're moving towards collaboration not competition and a Secretary of State for Health with wider powers. But current incumbent Matt Hancock's reputation is damaged and his political capital on the wane. HBI heard at a Kings Fund digital event that this could prove a problem for the NHS.

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