Is ‘no jab no job’ policy creating a UK care home staffing crisis?

Reports abound of a looming crisis in recruitment and retention in the UK care home sector when the government’s no jab no job policy comes into force in November. HBI catches up with market expert Clare Connell, founder and CEO of Connell Consulting Limited, who sees a slightly different picture.

How outsiders grabbed the holiday COVID-19 testing market

While sales and profits at Europe's largest traditional players swelled during the pandemic, the sector also saw an influx of non-traditional players. The trend has seen biotech companies start to sell their COVID-19 tests direct to the customer.

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Over the last few weeks, we have heard bitter complaints from unions and operators in the UK that mandatory vaccinations will lead to an exodus of staff and make some services untenable. Their concerns may be overblown but they are right to feel aggrieved - Greece's unvaccinated healthcare staff have just lost their pay.

Apollo’s $3.2bn pharmacy arm selling stake after spin off

Apollo Hospitals, India's largest hospital group by revenue, has spun off its pharmacy and digital business into a new subsidiary and appointed banks to sell a 15-20% stake. Amazon was considering a $100m stake in the division at the end of last year as India's online pharmacy sector continues to see a glut of investment with rival PharmEasy also targeting a $9bn IPO.

One in ten of India’s medical tourists are Afghans

Ongoing unrest in Afghanistan is cutting off medical tourism to Indian hospitals, where the cohort makes up 11% of international patients. Indian hospitals have previously done good business treating middle-class Afghans.

Philippines in crisis as 40% of nurses quit

Two in five Filipino nurses have quit working in their home market over the past year leaving the hospitals in the grip of a care crisis. The country is already a high exporter of nurses globally but poor wages and working conditions may push even more to migrate. 

Comeback treatments squeeze payors

Claims on private medical insurance were higher than expected for some providers in the second quarter, hitting or even exceeding pre-pandemic levels for the first time.  The picture is similar for public payors with AOK reporting double-digit growth in spending. Across the board, it's having an impact on the bottom line - and leaving some substantially in the red.

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