HBI updates dental market forecasts as operators face second wave

Dental markets have reopened following the pandemic peak but the impact may be felt for many months to come, not least because of a second wave winter. HBI has added new post-COVID market size data on the Intelligence platform based on conversations with operators. Most think new national lockdowns are unlikely but regional lockdowns, prolonged economic uncertainty for patients, and scared patients are all causing concern.

Concerns COVID is turning dentistry into a reactive service

Delays in treatment caused directly by COVID-19 and a reluctance to attend routine appointments are turning preventative dental markets into reactive ones. The financial pressures resulting from the pandemic means there might not be a big enough supply of dentists to cope with the pent up demand.

European operators brace for second wave

COVID's second wave looks either imminent, or is already starting to hit in many jurisdictions. Wave one saw lockdowns and closures - and not all closures were temporary. Will wave two be any different? HBI has been talking to operators across EMEA to see if forewarned is forearmed, how they predict the next few months will go, and what lessons have been learned.

PWC on M&A drivers in Spanish healthcare sector

The Spanish private healthcare market has been one of Europe's most attractive for institutional investors of late with strong organic and inorganic growth opportunities. PWC Spain's deals leader for Healthcare & Pharma Jose Zarzalejos talks us through the drivers, movers and shakers in the six main sub-sectors: hospitals, imaging, oncology, care homes, IVF and dentistry.

Multiples drop 10-15% in German outpatient sector

EBITDA multiples paid in the German outpatient sector have fallen 10-15% from pre-COVID levels because of market uncertainty due to the pandemic, an advisor tracking the space tells HBI.

Advent rekindles Dentix bid

Advent, the owner of Spain's largest dentistry group Vitaldent, has emerged as the leading bidder for the market's second player, Dentix, despite earlier reports that it had frozen a rescue package.

Interview: Stefan Nilsson, Colosseum Dental Group CEO

HBI talks to Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Colosseum Dental Group, the Swiss-based pan-European chain with a presence in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Germany and the UK, about how it has weathered COVID, and its plans going forward as we all adapt to the new normal.

Curaeos ‘strikes a deal with creditors’

Pan-European dental group Curaeos has reportedly struck a deal with some of its creditors in a move that will lighten the company's debt while transferring a minority stake.

DIY: The key to building a dental network in India

If you’re building a dental network and can’t find the infrastructure you need, build it yourself. That’s the view of Louis Shakinovsky, chairman and co-founder at Global Dental Services, which as Clove Dental runs India’s biggest dental group. HBI caught up with him last week to find out more.

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