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Interview: Dr. Charles Armitage, CEO and founder, Florence

Dr. Charles Armitage used to be a surgeon. Working for the NHS in various parts of the country he experienced first-hand the severe workforce issues the health sector faces. Six years ago he started a digital health company called Florence with co-founder Dan Blake to help solve the problem.

Interview: Stephanie Martlew, CEO, Psyomics

HBI speaks to Stephanie Martlew, CEO of digital mental health company Psyomics, about its Censeo platform, a digital triage tool which helps mental health professionals make better decisions.

Swedish telehealth soars but losses mount

Swedish telehealth companies have experienced a surge in revenue since Covid. But the treble whammy of relatively low fees, expansion costs and the inflationary economic downturn have compounded losses.

Amazon to bet $12bn on health care

Amazon is among the bidders in the $8bn auction of AI/big data US player Signify Health. That comes just over a month after it bought loss-making US primary care chain One Medical for $3.9bn. The tech giant is also closing its existing telehealth arm, Amazon Care.

Interview: Peter Fish, CEO, Mendelian

HBI chats with Peter Fish, CEO of Mendelian, a company which combines patient medical records with the most-up-to date academic data on risk factors, using big data to uncover the patterns that doctors are missing and find the undiagnosed sufferers of rare diseases.

Interview: Chad Walkaden, OnTracka

HBI speaks to Chad Walkaden, the founder of OnTracka, a multipronged digital platform which can run decentralised clinical trials, collect real-world data from patients, and provide patients with a digital service which helps them to get the most out of their medicinal treatments.

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