Cinven looks to take Synlab private as Covid boost falters

Frankfurt-listed Synlab could be about to be taken private following a non-binding full takeover offer earlier this week. With its full year results released yesterday and facing questions about its plans, HBI asks market experts what they think of the move.

Estonian waiting lists likely to skyrocket in recession

Despite inflation rates of over 20%, Estonia's national health service has not suffered significant ill effects, HBI hears, at least not yet. Looming recession could, however, result in waiting lists as bad as those currently seen in the UK. HBI speaks to a local expert to find out more.

Will record results for Synlab precipitate Cinven sale?

Almost a year after its IPO, lab giant Synlab has posted strong FY21 results bolstered by Covid, but not, it says, dependant on it. Management say extra cash will be used as a springboard for growth. Could it also lead to private equity majority shareholder Cinven selling its remaining interest?

Clinisys merger creates global player as public labs lag behind in automation

Clinisys claims to have created the world’s largest player in lab information management and lab order comms and results software with a three-way merger which creates a platform across diagnostics and environmental tests. So how does CEO, Michael Simpson, see software changing the sector over the next 3-5 years? And what does an independent consultant with many years experience in the field think about the sector and its growth?

Mehilainen targets Estonia for international expansion

Finnish outpatient and occupational healthcare specialist Mehilainen has made two acquisitions in Estonia. The company says strong expansion into Estonia is a natural next step in Mehilainen’s internationalisation strategy.

Interview: Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe

Cigna now describes itself as “a global health service company” rather than an insurer and has reorganised its European operations. Toor has recently been promoted to CEO Europe. He says that the insurer, which has 15% (US$840m) of its revenue in Europe, doesn't want to verticalise through owning primary care providers but wants instead to provide an end-to-end user experience.

Interview: Stefan Biesdorf, partner, health informatics and big data, McKinsey

Hospitals and insurers have been looking for consolidated digital health platforms ever since they grew tired of 'pilotitus' from a fragmented market. But what if they could become a central administrator to an "ecosystem" where thousands of start-ups become third-party plug-ins? Biesdorf is convinced that this is about to happen in Germany.

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

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