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Philips buys stake in Med360

Imaging giant Philips has bought a stake in Med360, Germany's largest imaging service provider. Such vertical integration has long been talked about but is now becoming reality. 

Paracelsus fails to find buyer

Paracelsus, the German and Swiss hospital and reha business has so far failed to find a buyer. Potential buyers say the group which is in the German equivalent of Chapter 11 is overpriced.

What lies ahead for Ribera Salud after the end of Alzira? 

Spanish healthcare PPP group Ribera Salud is likely to lose all its public contracts in Valencia, as the left-winged regional government ends all outsourcing to private providers. Healthcare Europa asks the company and well-placed sources in the region what the future holds for a business set to lose a significant source of profit.

Korian’s FY 2017 revenue was flat in France but big in Belgium

European nursing home giant Korian saw revenue growth of 5% in 2017 of which half was organic. Growth was slow in France while the acquisition of 1,000 beds from Senior Assist Belgium helped its revenue grow 40% there - the same disparity was seen in organic growth.

Primary care compared

The OECD and the World Health Organisation are currently working on a big project to make it much easier to compare primary care spending across countries.