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Top Six Workforce Risks for Private Health Facilities: Dr. Kate Tulenko, Corvus Health – HBI 2018

A massive training market is opening up, thanks to the huge shortages the world faces of health and care staff. Kate has been analysing the sector for over decade for The World Bank and Corvus Health. Here she case-studies how countries and private operators are building capacity and increasing workforce efficiency. What are the viable business models for Europe and Emerging Markets?

How Cultural Change Delivers: Samantha Laurent, Unilabs – HBI 2018

Happy employees deliver better service, driving better returns. Here Samantha looks at how Unilabs has managed cultural change at every level in the organisation from delivery men to senior management. New models include defining service best practice working with Ritz Carlton through to the introduction of 360 degree feedback and the iceberg model of behavioural drivers.

Healthcare Real Estate: Presentation, David Batchelor, CBRE – HBI 2018

Real estate is now at the heart of most deals in health care services. Often, it is the key to premium pricing and deals won and lost. In a data-driven presentation, David looks at valuations and forecasts across Europe and Emerging Markets. He then X-rays deals made or broken by property.

Partnership for Prevention: Presentation, Jeanette Ryan, GSK – HBI 2018

Partnership for Prevention is a revolutionary preventive healthcare programme for all GSK employees and their benefits-eligible family members, regardless of role and location. It enables access, at little or no cost, to up to 40 evidence-based preventive health services, including immunisations, cancer screening, preventive exams, prenatal care and tobacco cessation, as well as treatment options for conditions such as HIV and cardiovascular disease. All services were chosen based on evidence-based medicine and recommendations from the World Health Organisation. Jeanette has been with the programme since its start which has now been rolled out to well over 100,000 employees, plus their families, in approximately 100 countries. She walks us through GSK’s rationale for a preventive healthcare programme of this scale, the dynamics required to work with partners for successful implementation and how GSK engages with employees on health and wellbeing.

Integrated Provider Models – Beauty or Beast?: Presentation, Wolf Kupatt, amedes – HBI 2018

Unusually, big diagnostic lab group amedes also runs a national network of specialist outpatient doctor practices across Germany in areas such as gynaecology, fertility, diabetes and metabolic medicine. The beauty of such vertical integration is that amedes can offer more holistic treatment and brings together specialist doctors with formidable skills sets with equally specialist diagnostics. The beast is that the model adds considerable complexity and highlights potential conflicts of interest that exist in most integrated healthcare models.

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