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Interview: Roman Rittweger, founder and CEO Ottonova

Having raised almost €40m, the first entirely digital private insurer is about to launch in Germany. So what is the strategy behind the product, and what does it tell us about digital and health care services?

What do you do when medical professionals go off the tracks?

Every year, some 12,000 medical and care professionals are subject to serious investigation by the three largest professional bodies in the UK alone. So how do you deal with the doctor or nurse who starts abusing colleagues, who has sex with a patient, who makes mistakes or lies on their CV? We talk to Jonathan Coe, who runs The Clinic for Boundaries Studies, which offers an intensive course to get perpetrators to open their eyes, take responsibility and change their behaviour.

Interview: Ronald Van Kessel, Maron Healthcare

With Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) looking to tap into the Medical Office Building (MOB) market in Germany and the Netherlands in particular, Ronald Van Kessel, director at MOB manager Maron Healthcare, tells us about the advantages of investing into the Dutch primary care market.

Interview: Eyal Gura tells us how Zebra Medical Vision has set its gaze on revolutionizing healthcare

Zebra Medical Vision is an Israeli health tech startup using AI to find patterns camouflaged in medical images. It has developed software solutions for 11 conditions and is seeking out providers to take them on. At the IFC conference in Barcelona earlier this month, we spoke to Eyal Gura, co-founder and chairman, about Zebra and also KolGene, which promises to Uberize the genetics market.

HBI 2017: Are non-specialised hospitals doomed?

As payers move away from rewarding volume towards rewarding value, care delivery is increasingly organised outside of hospitals. But to what extent is it happening? Speakers at the 2017 HBI conference suggested that while it is too early too announce the death of hospital care, operators are facing some severe disruptions.

HBI 2017: The European Investment Landscape

The year 2017 should be a good one for the European healthcare services industry, with more money from more sources backing the best management teams and building international businesses, say panellists at HBI 2017. That is despite a fall in deal volume in 2016 and signs that 2017 may see lower levels..

Interview: Neil van Heerden, Chief Marketing Officer at Caremondo and FairMed Online

Singapore-based second opinions group FairMed Online bought the Munich-based Caremondo medical tourism agency three months ago. That gives FairMed control over a patient pathway that stretches from a new diagnosis to treatment - but also across the world. Neil van Heerden, chief marketing officer at FairMed, told us what’s next for the rapidly growing online player.