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Interview: Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Group

In 2017 UK institutional investors finally discovered the assisted living sector, with Legal and General and Axa both buying operators.  Yet the sector remains tiny in the UK, thanks to older Brits fixation with remaining in their own homes as well as severe planning restrictions.  Nonetheless, there is high demand, property investors have fallen in love with the sector and governments the world over are rethinking their attitude to the sector. Audley Group is the largest player in the sector, Nick has been in the sector since 1986 and chairs the sector’s trade association, Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO).

Interview: Kieran Murphy, CEO, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare employs several thousand software engineers today. So what will the medtech giant’s role in healthcare look like in five or ten years’ time? As an incumbent, does it see Apple, Google, and Amazon et al as a threat? And what sort of relationship does it want to forge with big private operators? We talk to Kieran who became CEO in June 2017, having run GE Healthcare Life Sciences for five years.

Interview: Dr Bruno Gridelli, Senior Vice President, UPMC International

How do you build an international business delivering high-quality specialist care working with governments, public payors, regions and for-profit operators? UPMC, the big US academic medical centre, has done just this in four very different countries: Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan and China. We talk to Dr Gridelli about the business model and challenges.

Interview: Richard Banks, Virtus Health

Australia-based fertility network Virtus Health Limited runs a series of clinics in Ireland, is making inroads in Denmark, and has a presence in Singapore. Healthcare Europa talks to European MD Richard Banks about strategy, expansion, and the market.

Interview: Dr Rajgopal Thirumalai, Vice President, Global Medical & Occupational Health, Unilever

Unilever runs a global health and prevention programme in over 90 countries for its 169,000  employees. How? What does Dr Thirumalai (known as Dr Raj) think of the private healthcare services sector? And what changes does he expect in the future? And what does he expect from digital health and AI? Dr Raj is also a non-executive independent director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise and a speaker at HBI 2018 on April 10-11 in London.

Interview: Vesa Komssi, Nordic Healthcare Group

Value-based healthcare is seen by many as the best way to gain lasting competitive advantage. Healthcare Europa speaks to Vesa Komssi, CEO of Finland-based management consultants Nordic Healthcare Group.

Interview: Giovanni Trimboli, CEO, Novolabs, Italy

Times are tough in Italian healthcare and nowhere is the pain felt more acutely than in the private sector. Singled out by the 2012 National Spending Review, private operators of all types have seen five years of falling budgets. In the lab sector, they face a shrinking overall market and the difficulty of convincing public hospitals to outsource, says Trimboli, who runs a not-for-profit group in Lombardy.