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Interview: Natalie Douglas, CEO, Healthcare at Home

Vetruvian-owned medicalised homecare group Healthcare at Home has been turned round. There are straws in the wind that suggest it might soon be for sale. We talk to CEO Natalie Douglas about the company, which is by far the largest provider of medical care around drugs in the home in UK, and is also active across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

Interview: Klodian Allajbeu, CEO of American Hospital, Albania

American Hospital in Albania has five hospitals, a medical centre and a lab. Set up in 2006, it focussed initially on stemming the tide of private patients going abroad for treatment, not on the difficult task of trying to prize money from a public purse that was being spent almost exclusively on public hospitals. That may soon change, however. Healthcare Nova speaks to CEO Klodian Allajbeau to find out more.

Interview: Enrique Samper, CEO, NIMGenetics

Spanish laboratory company NIMGenetics has set its sights on Latam, and says it expects to see massive growth from its newly set-up businesses in the region. Healthcare Europa speaks to founder and CEO Enrique Samper about how he's looking abroad, while facing problems at home.

Interview: Ben Faircloth, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

Dentistry is flavour of the month in healthcare services with consolidation taking off right across Europe and private equity placing big bets on the concept of national and even multinational chains. Ben Faircloth, who has advised some of the largest players in Europe, tells us what really makes these businesses work and which models are set to prosper.

“Very profitable” Ober Scharrer heading for a sale?

Rumour has it that German ophthalmology chain Ober Scharrer will be sold in the winter. Of course, its CEO Sibylle Stauch-Eckmann couldn’t possibly comment. Nonetheless, she tells us the group now has 5% of the country’s rapidly consolidating eye-care market and a strong pipeline offering further growth.

“We can meet the needs of the baby boom generation with today’s medical capacity”

That is a very bold statement indeed. But Prof Richard Boucherie at the Centre for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research (CHOIR) of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, reckons it is true. For the past 15 years CHOIR has been helping Dutch hospitals, labs and homecare groups to increase their efficiency through mathematical modelling using operations research methods including queueing theory, optimisation and computer simulation. We interview him on how such an approach can make massive efficiency gains.

Interview: Dr Peter Bazso, Director, Duna Medical Centre, Hungary

The Duna Medical Center (DMC) aims to be the most substantial private hospital in Hungary, with an ambitious building programme, and the only one that covers almost all surgical areas. Healthcare Europa speaks to its director Dr Peter Bazso about its business model, expansion and the wider market in Hungary.