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Interview: Andrew Hynard, chief executive, Howard de Walden Estate

The medical district of London, known simply as Harley Street, is a cross between a national heritage site and centre of pioneering medicine. For medical tourists that’s an attractive mix, but there's also a tension between the two sides and resolving it is getting harder by the day.

Interview: Departing BMI Healthcare CEO, Jill Watts

The CEO of the UK’s largest hospital chain is stepping down after three years in the job. Healthcare Europa catches up with Jill Watts from BMI Healthcare, the UK-based group owned by South African giant Netcare, to talk strategy, markets and growth.

Interview: Timo Lappi, Co-Founder & CEO, Heltti

Heltti is a Finnish occupational healthcare provider serving almost exclusively (95%) knowledge workers in Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo and Oulu. CEO Timo Lappi believes the country's health and social care market has gone stale while policy makers obsess over administration. He wants to shake things up and shares his thoughts with Healthcare Europa.

Interview: Zeeshan Syed, CEO at start up Health(at)Scale, on big data now and in 3-5 years

Using AI and machine learning to interpret big data promises to cut fraud, cut costs, deliver massive system improvements and improve diagnosis. Worldwide, there are probably over a thousand IT companies seeking to use big data to improve healthcare outcomes, ranging from Dr Watson, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, Philips and GE through to a myriad of start ups.

Interview: Sam Myers, Principal, Balderton Capital

Early-stage investor Balderton can namedrop the likes of Betfair, Lovefilm and Citymapper among its past and present portfolio. Based in London, and with a $2.3bn fund, it has a track record of building successful consumer businesses across Europe, but has also taken a liking to healthcare with investments in MyTomorrows, PatientsKnowBest and Circle Health. Myers, who heads-up the firm’s Nordic portfolio, thinks it’s only a matter of time before the European consumer has the health system at its finger tips. Here he gives his thoughts on when.

Interview: William Stoddart, CEO, Werlabs

Werlabs is a Swedish start-up bringing lab tests to the general public. The group is growing fast from a small base, and is now expanding beyond the Nordics. Its CEO, William Stoddart, believes it can save the health system money and consumers will buy it. Healthcare Europa asks him how.

B2C lab tests set to soar in Europe

Direct-to-consumer lab groups are popping up right across Europe. Most are small and offer a limited range of tests, but there’s less to stop labs going straight to the consumer than you might have thought.

Interview: Roman Rittweger, founder and CEO Ottonova

Having raised almost €40m, the first entirely digital private insurer is about to launch in Germany. So what is the strategy behind the product, and what does it tell us about digital and health care services?