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Surprise result in France’s national assembly elections as left wing alliance comes out on top

No clear path for the French parliament with no grouping capable of securing a majority, as the far-right National Rally unexpectedly falls to third. The second round of the French National Assembly elections produced a shock perhaps even greater than that delivered by the National Rally’s successful European elections, as the left wing alliance defied earlier polling and emerged as the biggest grouping in the legislature.

Landslide win for labour in UK general election

The UK’s Labour Party has won a huge parliamentary majority in the country’s national election. A labour government could mean greater opportunities for the UK’s private hospital sector, especially given the party has said it will not hesitate to use private sector capacity in tackling its “top priority” aim of cutting NHS waiting lists.

HBI News Round Up, 5 July 2024

In this HBI News Round Up, we look at private equity firm TVM Capital Healthcare's investment into Saudi Arabia-based bio-generics provider Boston Oncology Arabia, French drug giant Sanofi's potential decision to invest more into its insulin production operation in Germany, a survey showing increased use of private healthcare in Hungary, UK real estate investor Impact Healthcare's sale of five care home, pan Asian private equity fund Everstone's merger of two of its healthcare companies, specialist healthcare software and data investment firm Extens' sale of software provider Must, multinational occupational healthcare provider Fullerton Healthcare Corporation Limited's launch of the first dedicated centre for executive health screening and advanced diagnostic imaging in the Philippines, medical supply drone deliveries being trialled in Ireland and healthcare logistics company UPS Healthcare's investment in more temperature-controlled vehicles.

Co-Med files for voluntary bankruptcy 

Troubled Dutch primary care chain Co-Med is filing for voluntary bankruptcy and closing all of its clinics, marking the end of a several month long saga in which the company faced severe financial difficulties, numerous quality complaints and legal challenges from former employees.

Private hospitals in India demand timely reimbursements under nation’s largest health insurance scheme

India's Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), the largest government-funded health insurance scheme, has enrolled 27,742 hospitals, 43% of which (11,973) are private hospitals, with 1.3 million beds. However, private hospitals are struggling financially under the scheme, citing delays and inadequate reimbursement rates. Introduced in 2018, PM-JAY aims to provide Rs. 5 lakh (~$6,100) per family annually for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation, covering pre-hospitalisation and 15 days of post-hospitalisation expenses including diagnostics and medicines. Reports indicate that many private hospitals are lately reluctant to admit patients despite having available beds, primarily due to delays in government reimbursement of insurance claims.

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