Cinven looks to take Synlab private as Covid boost falters

Frankfurt-listed Synlab could be about to be taken private following a non-binding full takeover offer earlier this week. With its full year results released yesterday and facing questions about its plans, HBI asks market experts what they think of the move.

Nordic PMI grows in tandem with waiting lists

Private medical insurance (PMI) plans are on the increase in the Nordic nations, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Longer public health waiting times and incentives in employment contracts are the main reasons. HBI investigates.

HBI 2022: Integrated care is tricky – but worth it

Integrated care is well worth delivering. Not only can it help to break down the silos which get in the way of efficient healthcare delivery, but some very effective tools can only be used with integration. A panel at HBI 2022 asked: What do firms have to consider before they can deliver it?

Will record results for Synlab precipitate Cinven sale?

Almost a year after its IPO, lab giant Synlab has posted strong FY21 results bolstered by Covid, but not, it says, dependant on it. Management say extra cash will be used as a springboard for growth. Could it also lead to private equity majority shareholder Cinven selling its remaining interest?

Pihlajalinna shares fall on results

Finnish outsourcing specialist Pihlajalinna posted some reasonable looking financials, on the face of it, for the full year to January 31, 2021 on Friday last week - so why have its shares dropped around 11% at the time of writing?

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