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Improving insurance and pricing models in South East Asia

Both overtreatment and lack of access in South East Asian healthcare systems are pushing stakeholders to find innovative solutions to improving care. At HBI 2019 we heard key insights into these challenges from investor Fosun Healthcare Holdings and the CEOs of two care providers, teleconsultations platform MyDoc and homecare specialist Lotus Eldercare. South East Asia […]

DACH: Opportunities and pitfalls

A robust DACH session at HBI 2019 reached broad agreement over the most - and least - favourable areas for investment in healthcare in the region, but struggled to agree on the likely implication of the key legislation about to be brought in.

Political risk and fighting fraud in MENA

Political risk in the Middle East and Africa is high, and at times unavoidable. But at HBI 2019, consultancy firm McDermott, Will & Emery (MWE) offered its advice on how to safely do business in the region.

UK healthcare market – surprisingly strong

How is Europe's largest private equity invested market faring in these uncertain times, as staff shortages and the continuing uncertainty of Brexit make forecasting the future difficult? In most cases, better than you might think! This was the general response from HBI 2019's learned panel of UK and Ireland experts - but as always there were exceptions that proved the rule.

Investing in Europe: Strategies, trends and threats

Paris-based PAI Partners, US firm Blackstone, Swedish private equity EQT and healthcare-only investor GHO talked about investment strategy, future trends and threats to the sector at HBI 2019, as they shared their investment insights.

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘ready for investment’

HBI reports from the Sub-Saharan Africa panel at HBI 2019, where Teo Sarda, CEO of Sphera, Dr Shrey Viranna, CEO of Life, and Audrey Obara, head of healthcare for Swedfund, talked about how to sustainably invest in Africa. 

Procurement doesn’t capture operators’ imaginations, but there’s money to be saved

Healthcare operators do not, generally, find procurement a hot topic – yet there are huge savings to be made and procurement done well can make a substantial difference to a company’s bottom line. Where is the of medtech, and why do companies seem content to pay up to fivefold more for the same product in a neighbouring country? How do you get operators interested in procurement when. Clearly, if they can save money they ought to be?

Why investors are champing at the bit to get into dentistry

There was a lot of positivity at HBI 2019 for “one of the most exciting sectors of the moment” according to moderator Tobias Kloesters from LEK Consulting - dentistry. Kloesters was joined by MyDentist CEO Tom Riall, Dr Eddie Coyle from Colosseum Dental, Pieter Lathouwers CEO of Belgium-based Dentius and Vikram Vora from Sabka in India.

Can pan-Nordic synergies really exist?

Three of the Nordic's largest operators took to the stage at HBI 2019 to speak about pan-Nordic collaboration. Here's what Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea, Alexander Wennergren Helm, CEO of Aleris, and Yrjö Närnhinen, CEO of Terveystalo, said.

How to innovate homecare commissioning and recruitment

Two key challenges in homecare emerged at HBI 2019's panel on homecare models, chaired by LEK Consulting. How do we innovate commissioning to improve patient engagement and independence? And how do we tackle the biggest issue yet, staff recruitment and retainment? Argentinian medicalised homecare company PalCare and the UK arm of domiciliary care franchise Home Instead shared their views.

Innovative services tackle rising mental health need

Companies with innovative digital and inpatient solutions claim to be rallying to meet the enormous global demand for specialist mental healthcare. The sector presents a unique challenge, as demand for services still far outstrips supply. At HBI 2019's panel on psychiatry and mental health, led by consultancy firm Candesic, UK digital platform XenZone, Norwegian inpatient provider Incita and German psychiatric specialists Schoen Klinik explained their takes on the issue.

What is the emerging markets landscape like post-Abraaj?

With several significant withdrawals by developed markets operators and the collapse of Abraaj in 2018, what does the emerging markets investment landscape look like? Investors focusing on Asia and Latin America discussed the challenges and opportunities at HBI 2019.

Elderly care: mitigating the costs of rising dependency

The key question at HBI 2019's elderly care session was obvious: how do you mitigate the costs of increasingly medicalised care in light of rising dependency? LEK Consulting chaired an expert panel which included the CEO of Europe's largest nursing home group by revenue, Korian, and the CEOs of Nordic player Norlandia Health Care and Singaporean digital homecare platform Jaga-Me.

What do successful healthcare brands do?

What really makes a healthcare brand stand out and succeed? And how do operators actually achieve this? At HBI 2019 we heard from an operational expert at Siemens Healthineers, a marketing expert from one of the UK's largest private hospital groups and were given a financial steer on branding from Turkish hospital group MLP Care.

What are the benefits of having multiple IVF assets?

Operators from Western Europe, Russia and India and L.E.K.'s sector specialist discussed the fertility sector internationally at HBI 2019 with a notable focus on the strengths - and weaknesses - of groups versus clinics.

Is the perception of risk in Russia too dramatic?

In the last ten years, Russia has lept from 120th on the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ scale to 31st, beating China, India and Turkey. Are worries about risk now over-inflated? Panellists at HBI 2019’s session on Russia and the CIS discuss.

Everything digital at HBI 2019

If there was one overriding theme to come out of HBI 2019, it is that the future is digital - and in some cases, it's here. Ten per cent of Finland's population is registered to use Mehilainen's digital healthcare app, patients make 25k digital healthcare visits every month in Sweden, and 90% of the world's healthcare data has been created in the past two years.

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