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FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Improved HR increased responsibility, cut communication errors and increased patient numbers

By improving HR procedures, Apollo Dhaka Hospital has seen significant improvement in communication errors, accountability and a 15% increase in patient admissions. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the only JCI Accredited 450-bed multi-disciplinary super-specialty tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh, providing health care with the latest medical, surgical and diagnostic facilities.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Coaching users to optimum health through an app

The Quealth app has 111,000 users and focuses on combating five prominent lifestyle-driven diseases. It shows users how their lifestyle is effecting their health, and encourages a healthier lifestyle. The unique algorithms which Quealth uses helped them differentiate them from the rest of the nominations in this category.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Connecting sub-Saharan Africa to better healthcare through mobile technology

PharmAccess is a Dutch NGO that works to improve healthcare access and services in sub-Saharan Africa through mobile technology and providing financial loans. It was a finalist because the M-TIBA solution is unique, claims 250,000 users and incremental increase in revenue. It connects patients and providers, remitters and employers, as well as governments, insurers and donors onto one platform.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Training the community as first responders to combat cardiac arrests

As part of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka's Corporate Social Responsibility program, it trained 1,100 members of the community as first responders. The goal of the initiative was to educate more community participants so that they are confident enough to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to improve survival rates of people experiencing cardiac arrest or heart attack.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Rebranding around Alzheimers

Since 1986, Groupe Almage has been active in the field of nursing homes. In 2013, it rebranded to differentiate in the highly competitive French nursing home market. Almage now owns 6 nursing homes specifically dedicated to Alzheimers across France. Application looks at the process

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Revitalising a brand after 90 years

How do you rebrand a company after 90 years of history? In 2013, the Fleury Group adopted new branding to increase the competitiveness of its longest-running premium brand, Fleury Medicina e Saúde. The short-term focus is sustainable growth in premium brands and profitability in standard brands.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2017: Supporting mental health with online supplementary digital care

Karify acts as a cloud-based platform, that supports mental health therapy sessions with online supplementary digital care. It is active in the field of mental health and provide tailored unique programs in depression, anxiety, ADHD, mindfulness, chronic pain, meditation and substance disorder programs. The platform claims to cut readmission rates by between 11-40%.

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