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FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Building a trusted brand in B2C health care services

Dentists are distrusted by Indians who often fear drill and fill. From scratch, in six years, Clove has built India's largest chain with 218 clinics. Clove has done this by building a patient-centric culture (unusually it is the dentist, not the receptionist, who greets the patient), by changing how dentists are rewarded and by attracting the best practitioners. Footfall has grown by 300% in the last two years with repeat footfall up over 40%. The judges liked the way Clove has been systematically built around delivering patient promise.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Working with medical elites to outsource complex services

By engaging with elite public-sector institutions and demonstrating that it could deliver a PET/CT service which would be demonstrably better than an existing and fragmented model, Alliance Medical, a Life Healthcare subsidiary and one of the two largest imaging service providers in Europe, managed to win a national contract for 60% of all England capacity. Since the commencement of the contract, AML has introduced additional PET/CT imaging capacity and has provided over 56,000 PET/CT scans during 2016, a growth of 50%. The judges liked the way that Alliance has worked closely with elite doctors and institutions and then delivered a wide-ranging service which met, or beat, their expectations.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Personalised AI diagnosis platform

Ada's AI diagnosis tools are "uncannily accurate" to quote one of the 3.5m to use the app since its 2016 launch. The app which is described as "conversational" has over 60,000 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the app store. It allows patients to check on their health symptoms, monitor different conditions at once, create a digital health record and help patients figure out what next steps they should take for care. Built by 100 doctors, engineers and scientists and covering every medical condition, the app is free but Berlin-based Ada is seeking partners among healthcare providers. The judges were worried about how Ada would monetise the service, but were deeply impressed by the way it used AI to enable the diagnosis of tens of thousands of conditions.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Value-driven outcomes tool that increases quality and cuts cost

In 2012, University of Utah Health introduced its Value Driven Outcomes (VDO) tool in both inpatient and ambulatory care, which has resulted in increased quality outcomes and more than $2.5m in cost savings. Providers can engage with the VDO tool to compare themselves to their peers and to identify standard care pathways and supplies that lower the cost of care while providing the best possible outcomes. The tool has been applied to sepsis, total joint replacement and laboratory services leading to improvements in outcomes and reductions in costs. The judges were impressed by the sophistication of the Utah offering. .

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Urine tests at home using smartphones takes smartphone cameras into clinical quality medical scanners, using colour recognition and AI data sets to create a product for existing healthcare systems. Its first test kit is, which digitizes urinalysis, the second most common diagnostic test, particularly useful in prenatal health and chronic kidney disease. The solution increases access to testing and, by eliminating the need to travel to a lab, can be used in any setting at a low cost. Images are sent directly to the doctor, reducing wait time. The judges gave the award to on the potential for this single test which is being rolled out in the NHS in England and elsewhere.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Achieving a 50% reduction in staff turnover

Dal Ben provides post acute care and home care in Sao Paolo and employs 350 members of staff. To improve expertise and quality, Dal Ben decided to formally employ its workforce. This is a major change in Brazil and in many other Emerging Markets where the vast majority of employees are "informal" often paid in cash, with short-term or no contracts. Dal Ben then built a training programme for staff. These measures together cut staff turnover by 50%. The judges felt that the brave decision to formally employ staff made this a winner. In Brazil, home care has traditionally been provided by workers in the informal sector, reducing costs but resulting in a negative impact on quality. Dal Ben has shifted and formally employs all its staff increasing staff retention and allowing it to focus on training centred around culture, brand, and service quality. Since making the shift, the company saw a 50% reduction in staff turnover from 2015-2016. It also led to a reduction in average complaints per visit from 0.31% to 0.19%.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Sub-$1,000, whole genome sequencing

Veritas has cut the price of whole genome sequencing to below $1,000, including results and insights on 1,200 conditions, 70+ traits and 200 drug interactions via an app. Any physician or consumer can order their whole genome sequence and interpretation online.  The judges felt the huge price cut in whole genome sequencing made Veritas the category winner.

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