Healthcare Reform


Regulatory & Political Risk

This remains the number one issue for investors and operators in most countries, second only to “how do I get staff?” as something liable to keep CEOs awake at night. Here we look in detail at what risks there are in different countries and sectors. what, if anything, can the sector do to allay them? […]

It’s all about the Patient Experience…

Digitalisation has forced a paradigm shift in the meaning of ‘patient experience’. In a blended model of face-to-face and hybrid interactions and care plans – how to research, manage and measure customer experience needs a rethink; how to engage, communicate and build loyalty needs a reset. With more touchpoints, now is the time to unlock […]

Seeking Consensus in the Payor / Provider Relationship

Finnish insurers have stopped health care insurance costs rising for a decade, which is a major achievement given that health care inflation often runs at 3-8% a year. In this session, we’ll explore the story behind the headlines. What is the dynamic of the payor/provider relationship that drives this result? Where is the win-win in […]

Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Care Chains

Moving from isolated episodes of care to care continuum enables operators to maximise customer value and scale businesses. In this session we’ll be exploring care chains, how to optimise chains vs assets, the role of digital in enabling this transformation,  and how digital will unlock value through automation and efficiency. Speakers include: Peter Wharton-Hood, Group […]

Elderly Care

Growth projections have always been difficult in the elderly care sector – and now even challenged as a result of Covid-19. Our panel of experts representing nursing homes, assisted living and domiciliary care share their views on the opportunities and challenges as we look ahead to the next 3 years. Speakers include: Marc Saillon, CEO, […]

How to do Digital Health – Interactive Workshop

Apps, telehealth and remote diagnostic tools can save money, provide better outcomes and extend lifetime value. This workshop helps leaders review their digital roadmap and prioritisation of digital investments. A question we often hear is “buy or build?” What should digital projects really cost? How do you best involve staff and customers? What works best […]

Rutherford Health to go into liquidation

The for-profit oncology group which holds roughly half the UK's proton beam capacity and has invested over £240m in capex is to go into liquidation, thanks to the pandemic and NHS indifference. In the UK just 1% of acute cancer patients get proton compared to 10% in Europe and 20% in the USA. What is likely to happen next?

Social bond finances for-profit diabetes prevention

A Swedish pension fund is investing via a social bond in a programme that aims to stop unfit 50-60 year olds in Stockholm developing diabetes 2 and other expensive conditions. The scheme, run by a start up, is set to roll out more widely in Sweden and internationally. Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies says that Scandinavian countries, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are all keen to up prevention spend and are looking at similar schemes.

Warsaw hub model set to spread across CEE

A new Warsaw Health Innovation Hub in Poland has seen 30 big pharma and medtech contribute brains and money to tackle healthcare projects, extending the cooperation which developed during Covid between the government and the private sector. Healthcare providers are set to join. The model is likely to be adopted by other CEE countries.

Inflation hikes up care home costs

How will the care home sector cope with the wave of inflation now hitting it as staff, energy costs and rents soar? We talk to operators and advisers across Europe.

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