Healthcare Reform


HBI 2023 Panel: Seeking Efficiency: How Tech is Impacting Operations

Between resource shortages and growing waiting lists, efficient operations are hard to maintain. In HBI 2023’s panel discussion, “Seeking efficiency: how tech is impacting operations”, a panel explored how tech is an invaluable investment in the future of care.

HBI 2023: Healthcare regulation – opportunities and risks

Regulatory changes are one of the major concerns among players in healthcare services. A busy panel of lawyers, operators and investors considered this thorny issue at HBI 2023, with a general feeling that even the strictest of regulations can provide some kind of opportunity, and that private funding is so essential a component in health care today, it cannot be legislated away.

HBI 2023: Major opportunity in German dentistry despite reform uncertainty

Despite the uncertainty around regulatory reform, there are still significant opportunities in the German outpatient market, according to speakers on the ‘Investing in DACH’ panel at HBI 2023. Dentistry, which isn’t subject to the same regulatory restrictions as other outpatient specialities, presents a particularly big opportunity.

HBI 2023: Saudi opportunity “best you could get”

The scepticism which used to exist about whether the Saudi government would follow through on its ambitious moonshot projects appears to be dissipating. Investors are now increasingly confident - and enthusiastic - about the opportunities presented by one of the most rapidly developing economies in the world. This was the overwhelming message from speakers on the ‘Investing in MENA’ panel at HBI 2023.

HBI 2023 Panel: Investing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets present opportunities you wouldn't find in more established geographies. In a panel entitled ‘investing in emerging markets’ at HBI 2023 in London, panellists explored where the most potential for investment in emerging markets lies. The main takeaways were:

PP in Valencia defends Alzira model

For-profit hospital group Ribera Salud says that having won the May 2023 elections, the new Partido Popular (PP) administration in Valencia is keen to protect and grow the Alzira model that was being dismantled by the previous leftist government. Meanwhile, Ribera is growing in the Middle East.

Penta’s fight with Slovak government continues

The Slovak government is refusing to allow the state-owned National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to pay for any treatments at Bory Hospital - the new €250m, 400-bed facility that Penta Hospitals International (owned by Penta Investments) has recently opened in Bratislava. The refusal marks another round in the battle between Penta and the Slovak state.

Diagnostic groups to take on the Greek government

The big Greek for-profit health care groups are forming a national association to take on the Greek government which continues after a decade to claw back yearly a percentage of their profits. Meanwhile an investor tells us that the French government is worried there may be similar moves in France where labs are seeking to negotiate a new three-year price deal.

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