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NHS-style problems could cloud Polish healthcare – but there is a silver lining

Polish healthcare reform is in full swing. Healthcare Europa speaks to an Eastern Europe-based analyst who thinks building a UK NHS style-system will not only bring with it all the benefits, but also all of the pitfalls of publicly run healthcare - which could ultimately open up the market further to private providers.

Amazon makes further inroads into healthcare

Amazon, the e-commerce giant that takes $4 of every $10 spent online in the US, this month bought PillPack, a pharmaceutical delivery service that cuts out the brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Shares in traditional drug stores chains fell off a cliff-edge, Walgreen Boots Alliance by 10% and CVS Pharmacy by 8%. Today, it's pharma. But tomorrow..? Healthcare Nova speaks to a tech-savvy operator who sees the e-commerce giant soon venturing into health insurance, AI and data-storage.

FREE BLOG The private world of the NHS

Radio 4, the BBC's semi-intellectual talk channel, ran an interesting programme, the Private World of the NHS. Presenter Adrian Goldberg went through the various ways the NHS works with the private sector, which spends (gasp, shock, horror) 8p in every pound on services provided by the private sector. So what does it tell us about attitudes?

Payor-operator agreement heralds quiet revolution in Czech Republic

A quiet healthcare revolution is taking place in the Czech Republic. For the first time in almost two decades, providers and payors have reached an agreement on fees without the need for intervention by the Ministry of Health. Healthcare Europa speaks to an operator who says this is great news for private providers and a large step towards the creation of a more open market.

South African cabinet approves National Health Insurance bill

The long-awaited National Health Insurance (NHI) bill has been approved by the South African government cabinet and will now be published for public comment. It is thin on financials but outlines what the single-payor health fund will look like.

Citizens back national databanks

National platforms which bring together massive genetic databases, pharmacy records, images and patient records are being built in Europe and should have a profound impact on health care delivery by the early 2020s. We talked to Estonian and Danish policymakers about the implications at HIMSS 2018.

Big Dutch move to value health

We hear that the Dutch government has reached agreement to move to a value health model with healthcare budgets frozen from 2021 onwards. A fund of €425m has been set up to enable the change, much of which will be spent on digital health solutions. 

RH Bophelo buys again in South Africa as NHI approaches

RH Bophelo, South Africa's only black-owned special purpose acquisition company, has agreed to buy a stake in a 128-bed private hospital in Cape Town. It comes as the government looks close to voting on the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill. We talk to RH Bophelo CEO Quinton Zunga.