DACH Overview

A wide-ranging exploration with expert advisors, investors and operators discussing the region’s recovery, opportunities, regulation and growth potential with a particular focus on its vast outpatient sector. Confirmed speakers to include: Rodolphe Eurin, Hopital de la Tour Elmar Willebrand, AccuMedia Dr Michael Lonsert, GHD  Chaired by: Dr Stephan Rau, Partner, MWE

Sub Saharan Africa: Overview

Available on demand For-profit health care is a vital part of provision in all African countries. What has been the impact of Covid?  How far can operators work with new universal healthcare models being rolled out by governments? And how far has the collapse of medical tourism led to more investment in national markets?  This […]

Nordic Region: Overview

Political risk has grown in these countries over the past five years. Norway has effectively terminated outsourcing elderly nursing homes to the private sector.  So what is the real political risk?  And what are the big opportunities in outpatient sectors from fertility to homecare? This session is a wide-ranging exploration with expert advisors, investors and […]

How to build an international platform

With huge investor interest in health services and fast national consolidation groups are seeking to expand across borders. This session explores exactly how to go international, what to look for and what to avoid. What synergies can be achieved and how do you create strong local brands. Confirmed speakers include: Dimitris Moulavasilis, Diaverum Dr Markus […]

LatAm: Overview

Available on demand We look at how new sectors are emerging in Latin America such as elderly care, at the consolidation of outpatient in dentistry, primary care+, ophthalmology, and fertility. We also look at the trend towards vertical integration and for the formation of HMOs in hospitals. This session is a wide-ranging exploration with expert […]

Fertility: Sector Analysis

How has demand been affected by the pandemic? How are technical innovations in treatment and digital health reshaping the sector? What will be the impact of femtech?  And is it now clear that consolidated international groups are viable business models? Confirmed speakers include: Katya Zubareva, L.E.K. Consulting Carlos Blanes Girones, IVI RMA Global David Burford, […]

Middle East & North Africa: Overview

Health care services is changing rapidly in this fascinating region. Saudi Arabia in particular is embarking on a huge experiment that gives the private sector a prominent role. Meanwhile, governance is changing rapidly in the UAE and new sectors and national markets are opening up in Egypt and across North Africa.  This session is a […]

South Asia: Overview

Available on demand.  The last five years have seen the transformation of for-profit health care in India with the rollout of single speciality outpatient chains and new hospital models to address tier 2 and 3 cities. Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also seeing massive change. This session is a wide-ranging exploration with expert advisors, […]

Keynote: The Future of Healthcare

Helios Fresenius is by far the largest European for-profit hospital operator with over €9.8bn of revenue in Germany and Spain. It is also active in Latin America and its digital health platform, Curalie, is a global contender in diagnosis, physician selection, treatment and rehabilitation. Its acquisition of Eugin also makes it one of the largest […]

Elderly Care I: Nursing Home Sector

Large groups now have a holistic offering that embraces everything from homecare and assisted living to severe Alzheimers. But what are the real synergies? And while for-profit West European markets grow at 2-4% there are huge opportunities in middle and low-income countries. And will older populations outweigh the steady decline in the average length of […]

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