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New medical services for Africa

An African temporary medical staff agency, international telepathology for diagnosing cancer and a cloud-based HR service are among the new projects from Corvus Health, the new for-profit business launched by Katherine Tulenko, an American with 15 years experience in health care services in emerging markets. She is a speaker at HBI 2018, April 10-11, 2018 in London. We explore the projects.

Could Abraaj be ditching Kenya for Nigeria?

Private equity, venture capital and real estate investment firm Abraaj Group may be pulling out of a proposed partnership with Indian-based multi-speciality hospital chain Narayana, the IFC and local surgeons in Nairobi - and could have its sights set on two hospitals in Lagos.

Rx Health making waves in East Africa

Egyptian fund Rx Health Management is closing in on deals in Tanzania and Kenya, says the chairman of the African Health Federation (AHF). Healthcare entrepreneur Dr Amit Thakker told Healthcare Nova at the IFC Global Healthcare Conference in Barcelona earlier this month that Rx Health was in talks with groups in the two east African countries.

HBI 2017: More deals on the way in Africa, say experts

A panel of African investors, advisors and operators gave a critical but positive assessment of the future of private healthcare on the continent at the HBI 2017 conference. Dr Egbe Osifu-Dawodu, formerly of the IFC and World Bank, and a founding partner of the Anadach consultancy explained the opportunity in Africa.

Real solutions for retention and recruitment

Recruitment, retention and training are now the primary challenges for the healthcare services industry. The obvious solution to keeping staff - paying more – is no longer working. Private operators around the world are now fishing in a global market that's short of 15m healthcare workers. So what practical solutions are operators putting into force and what really works? We talk to 25 operators from across the world.