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Investing in Emerging Markets

These offer massive opportunities, but, all too often, very high valuations. The panel will explore values and where they are heading. What is the greenfield alternative? What role will the for-profit sector have in delivering care in the future? Speakers include: Dr Amit Varma, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital Investment Management Dr Biju Mohandas, Partner, LeapFrog […]

Laboratory Diagnostics

With both winners and losers as a result of Covid-19, we’ll review the current status of the diagnostic lab market. As we look ahead and anticipate revenues to fall back in line with pre-Covid levels, what is the investor viewpoint? What strategies are operators employing to manage profitability and drive growth? How fast are sub-sectors […]

Imaging and Radiotherapy

These closely related sectors are seeing a huge M&A boom as investors seek to consolidate rich west Europe (DACH, France and Northern Italy). Other players such as Affidea with its platform in 15 countries are also for sale. So what is the attraction? And how far is it possible to build an ecosystem of outpatient clinics […]

Metropolis denies it is open to bidders

Metropolis Healthcare, the big Indian diagnostic and pathology group, is determined to forestall potential predators despite talk of a $1bn joint bid from hospital chain Apollo and conglomerate Adani Group.

Atrys buys Bienzobas for €76.3m

Despite its recent share price falls, highly acquisitive Spanish laboratory diagnostic group Atrys Health is to buy Bienzobas for €76.3m, a Spanish company which provides oncology services to insurance companies and hospital groups.

Largest lab group in GCC likely to list

Al Borg Diagnostics with 64 labs across 8 countries in GCC and Africa and a dominant position in Saudi Arabia, its home market, looks set to finally list in 2022. We speculate (wildly!) on valuation.

Swiss imaging and lab groups sigh with relief

A new outpatient tariff which would have taken 6-10% points off imaging prices has been kicked down the road for the third time by the byzantine Swiss healthcare system. It would have severely clipped the very high margins enjoyed by many whilst upping prices for primary care.

RNA Covid vaccines could have adverse non-specific effects

A new meta-analysis study examining the results from Covid vaccine trials suggests a worrying possibility: that mRNA Covid vaccines, despite protecting against Covid, could reduce the immune system's overall ability to fight infections. On the other hand, the study’s findings also suggest the adenovirus Covid vaccines could have the opposite effect. To many this will sound far-fetched, or even the stuff of conspiracy theory, but University of Southern Denmark’s Professor Christine Stabell-Benn, who led the research, explains to HBI that epidemiologists have known for decades that vaccines can have such ‘nonspecific’ effects and emphasises that regulatory frameworks are in dire need of being updated to reflect this.

Interview: Joe Stringer, partner, Octopus Ventures

Joe Stringer, healthcare investment specialist, and partner at Octopus Ventures which invests in and supports start-up businesses across Europe, talks to HBI about his approach to investment ahead of his panel appearance at HBI 2022.

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