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FREE BLOG Why big pharma will never move into health care services

A few  years ago, a senior manager from a large pharma company approached HBI and told us he had $500m to spend to build a healthcare service business - what should he do? Advisers tell of many similar calls. So why do they never come to anything? 

Opportunities in LATAM for those willing to think longer-term

Investors looking for medium- to long-term projects should look to Latam for opportunities according to a panel of healthcare experts at HBI 2018. A growing middle class across the continent, ageing populations and increasing stability in many countries, mean that it is ripe for investment.

The global healthcare market opportunity in the next few years

What does the global healthcare investment landscape look like? Where are the opportunities and how do they differ between Europe and emerging markets? With almost 100 delegates from Asia and dozens from other emerging markets at HBI 2018, our conference this year was global in outlook. Rothschild's head of Healthcare Services Hedley Goldberg summarised the global financial landscape for healthcare investment while local operators and investors shared where they think the opportunities lie.

What do nursing home opportunities look like in China, India and Brazil?

What do nursing home opportunities look like in China, India and Brazil? All three countries have the usual driving forces behind an increased demand in residential elderly care: an ageing population, a growing middle class, and a shift in the disease burden. HBI 2018 explored the similarities and differences in these three markets.

ProA for sale as Salud Digna converts to for-profit

Mexican lab group Grupo Diagnóstico ProA is for sale, although management wants to keep a majority stake says Chief Innovation Officer, Carlos Perez Chavez. We talk to him about opportunities and look at Salud Digna.

Mexico – and the protracted birth of an elderly care market

Spanish elderly care giant Ballesol is exporting its business model to Mexico. Healthcare Nova speaks to director of operations Antonio Gonzáles-Quirós about this strategy, and the state of the nascent Mexican elderly care market.

Interview: Kieran Murphy, CEO, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare employs several thousand software engineers today. So what will the medtech giant’s role in healthcare look like in five or ten years’ time? As an incumbent, does it see Apple, Google, and Amazon et al as a threat? And what sort of relationship does it want to forge with big private operators? We talk to Kieran who became CEO in June 2017, having run GE Healthcare Life Sciences for five years.