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Interview: Hari Buggana, InvAscent

Healthcare Nova speaks to Hari Buggana, chairman and managing director at India-focused investor InvAscent, about what makes a good investment, and why the Indian healthcare market is appealing at the moment.

New lab group plans Filipino market consolidation

Newly formed Great Asia Pacific Healthcare Corp plans to become the largest laboratory group in the Philippines, according to founder Clark Allen Cruz. Healthcare Nova talks to him to find out how.

“Hawaii of China” promotes international medical tourism

The "Chinese Hawaii" is being promoted heavily as an international medical tourism destination, with tax incentives and the promise of "accelerated construction" by a regional government keen to encourage international investor and operator interest. 

Primary care compared

The OECD and the World Health Organisation are currently working on a big project to make it much easier to compare primary care spending across countries.

Africa: Five definites, four maybes and nine no-nos

Health is becoming big business in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. As its countries become more urban and populations become more affluent, private operators are seeing opportunities to invest, and to make a difference to people’s lives – particularly as public health sectors struggle to cope. African healthcare expert Dan Schönfeld, former head of investments at Vital Capital, offers his personal assessment or where he would, and wouldn’t recommend putting your money.

NMC growth makes it a FTSE 100 one to watch

London-listed Middle Eastern healthcare group NMC Health saw impressive 31% revenue growth – half organic - and 43% EBITDA growth in 2017. Net profit, margin and EPS are also up, and the healthcare segment has outperformed distribution significantly.

Forget wearables – implantables will change healthcare forever

Wearable technology is cutting edge today – but it’s nothing compared to the revolution that implantable technology will soon bring to the marketplace. That could see big medtech companies reconfiguring healthcare services and delivering many of them directly.

Interview: Kieran Murphy, CEO, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare employs several thousand software engineers today. So what will the medtech giant’s role in healthcare look like in five or ten years’ time? As an incumbent, does it see Apple, Google, and Amazon et al as a threat? And what sort of relationship does it want to forge with big private operators? We talk to Kieran who became CEO in June 2017, having run GE Healthcare Life Sciences for five years.