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Lessons Learned Over Two Decades: Presentation, Bruno Gridelli, UPMC International & Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh – HBI 2018

A pioneer of international expansion, UPMC, a big US academic medical centre, first expanded abroad to Italy where it has been managing PPPs for complex surgery and transplants for over two decades. Surgeon Dr. Gridelli has also been a leader in UPMC collaborations with the Asian American Medical Group in Singapore; Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar; KingMed Diagnostics in China; National Research Oncology Center in Kazakhstan; Xiangya International Medical Center, China and the Whitfield Cancer Centre in Ireland.

Mission Control for Healthcare A Key Component in Transforming Care Delivery & Achieving High Reliability in Healthcare Organisations: Presentation, Mark Ebbens, GE Healthcare Partners & Peter Bak, Humber River Hospital – HBI 2018

Mark Ebbens, Senior Partner, GE Healthcare Partners & Peter Bak, CIO, Humber River Hospital, Canada share their thoughts on Mission Control for Healthcare – A Key Component in Transforming Care Delivery and Achieving High Reliability in Healthcare Organisations. As presented at HBI 2018. Click here to view the presentation.

Integrated Provider Models: Presentation, Daniel Coudry, Amil, UnitedHealth group – HBI 2018

Owned by US insurer UnitedHealth, Amil is Brazil's largest private healthcare provider and a trailblazer for vertical integration in LATAM. Daniel discusses Amil's progress and the implications of this for private healthcare business models. He also describes the - sometimes bumpy - journey of moving from fee for services to DRGs to payment by results and shares lessons learnt.

Building a primary care business in India: Presentation, Kaushik Sen, Healthspring – HBI 2018

Today in India, as in many Emerging Markets, sick patients often go straight to hospital. Primary care has a poor reputation and is often viewed as corrupt by patients. Here Kaushik gives a detailed overview of how primary care works in India and unpackages its potential, before describing Healthspring's business model, which has seen it grow to a network of 30 clinics.

At the forefront of the Telehealth revolution: Presentation, Arjun Kalyanpur, Teleradiology Solutions – HBI 2018

Teleradiology Solutions provides teleradiology coverage in 20 countries mainly India and the USA but also nearly 20 others across Africa and Asia. Here Arjun looks at where he expects to see the growth of teleradiology in emerging markets and at who the customers will be. A shortage of radiologists is the main problem in these countries, so how will artificial intelligence help in providing readings?

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