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Interview: Anand Narayan, managing partner, Creador India

Last month, Malaysia-based private equity house Creador invested in a healthcare services company - its first foray into the healthcare market. Healthcare Nova speaks to Anand Narayan, managing partner at Creador India, after it bought a 22% stake in Indian hospital chain Paras Healthcare for US$42m. Why did Creador want to invest in a company operating in some of India's poorest states?

Interview: Ngu Morchu, MD and founder of Yako Medical Africa

How do you solve a problem like Nigerian healthcare? With a negligible private insurance market and limited-reach public healthcare system, it’s going to take an honest appraisal of the country’s problems and entrepreneurs with vision and drive to turn things around. Healthcare Nova speaks to Ngu Morchu, MD and founder of Yako Medical Africa which is pioneering new business models in imaging. He claims to have an answer, and he says it starts with creating “Africa’s Affidea”.

FREE Why foreign investors have not flocked to Brazil – despite deregulation

The Brazilian healthcare market opened up to foreign investment in 2015 – but has yet to see a lot of foreign investment bar a couple of large players. Why is this, what is the best model for operators, and where should they be looking? Healthcare Nova speaks to Brazil-based Marcelo do Ó, managing director at global consultants LEK.

Interview: George Muchanya, deal manager, Growthpoint Properties

South Africa’s first healthcare REIT, Growthpoint Healthcare, will launch this month promoted by the investor Growthpoint. Deal manager George Muchanya talks to Healthcare Nova about the Big Three of Netcare, Mediclinic and Life, and who else might be in the market to sell some of their assets.

Interview: Zeeshan Syed, CEO at start up Health(at)Scale, on big data now and in 3-5 years

Using AI and machine learning to interpret big data promises to cut fraud, cut costs, deliver massive system improvements and improve diagnosis. Worldwide, there are probably over a thousand IT companies seeking to use big data to improve healthcare outcomes, ranging from Dr Watson, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, Philips and GE through to a myriad of start ups.

Interview: Meena Ganesh, serial entrepreneur behind Portea

How do you convince investors to lend you $46.5m to build a homecare business, when you’ve no experience as a healthcare operator? Healthcare Nova speaks to serial entrepreneur Meena Ganesh, CEO and one half of the dynamic husband and wife duo behind Portea in India, and asks her how she built the business, and about Portea’s plans for the future.

Interview: Pinak Shrikhande, principal at PE house HealthQuad

Pinak Shrikhande is principal of Delhi-based HealthQuad, a Singapore-based private equity house and Quadria Capital's offshoot company which is investing in healthcare. What is its investment philosophy, and approach to developing assets in telemedicine and recruitment? Healthcare Nova finds out more.

Chinese investors – ready to take the plunge in Brazil?

Are the Chinese targeting the Brazilian healthcare market in a big way ahead of an expected boom, and if so, what are they planning to do? And why is one of the largest PE houses in the country planning to exit one of the country's largest healthcare maintenance organisations (HMOs)? Healthcare Nova speaks with Martin Benitez, CEO of Brazilian advisory MR Consultoria, about the state of the Brazilian healthcare market.