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Interview: Hari Buggana, InvAscent

Healthcare Nova speaks to Hari Buggana, chairman and managing director at India-focused investor InvAscent, about what makes a good investment, and why the Indian healthcare market is appealing at the moment.

Interview: Kieran Murphy, CEO, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare employs several thousand software engineers today. So what will the medtech giant’s role in healthcare look like in five or ten years’ time? As an incumbent, does it see Apple, Google, and Amazon et al as a threat? And what sort of relationship does it want to forge with big private operators? We talk to Kieran who became CEO in June 2017, having run GE Healthcare Life Sciences for five years.

Interview: Dr Bruno Gridelli, Senior Vice President, UPMC International

How do you build an international business delivering high-quality specialist care working with governments, public payors, regions and for-profit operators? UPMC, the big US academic medical centre, has done just this in four very different countries: Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan and China. We talk to Dr Gridelli about the business model and challenges.

Interview: Abhishek Sharma, CEO, Foundation Holdings

The man who helped turn Al Noor into a US$1bn company is building what he claims is the first major value healthcare platform in the UAE focused on serving the working class. Healthcare Nova chats to Abhishek Sharma, CEO of Foundation Holdings which has just launched Right Health with a view to IPO by 2021.

Interview: Dr Rajgopal Thirumalai, Vice President, Global Medical & Occupational Health, Unilever

Unilever runs a global health and prevention programme in over 90 countries for its 169,000  employees. How? What does Dr Thirumalai (known as Dr Raj) think of the private healthcare services sector? And what changes does he expect in the future? And what does he expect from digital health and AI? Dr Raj is also a non-executive independent director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise and a speaker at HBI 2018 on April 10-11 in London.

Interview: Charles Wang, Group CEO, Luye Medical Group

Formed as recently as 2015, Singapore-based Luye Medical Group has become one of the major contenders in health care services across China, Australia and SE Asia. It is part of the Luye Life Sciences Group which owns Luye Pharma Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China and separately listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Luye Medical Group acquired Healthe Care, the third largest Australian for-profit hospital operators in 2016. It has since expanded its business rapidly adding healthcare operations such as oncology (Singapore), inpatient, outpatient and community based health care services (Australia) and rehabilitation and maternity hospitals (China). The aim, says Wang, is mainly to provide a value-based healthcare experience to meet the needs of the middle class and patients with private insurance coverage across SE Asia, Australia and China. Here we talk to him about Luye Medical Group’s plans and how it views the Chinese market. Wang is a speaker at HBI 2018, the global health care service event in London from April 10 to 11.