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Interview: Jaakko Olkkonen, Wellmo: The future of insurance – Preventative health services and wearables

Savvy insurers - big players like Generali, Germany's second largest primary insurance group, and Vitality in the UK, are moving into preventative health services – suggesting there's money to be saved here. Experts seem to agree within five years, wearable... [+]

Interview: Prof Dr Hatem Elgabaly, CEO, RX Health Management

A serial healthcare entrepreneur who also spent five years as Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Prof Elgabaly is now raising a $200m healthcare fund for investment in Healthcare in Africa and is already at present proceeding with investments. We talk to him about the Egyptian and wider African markets and about his investment approach.

Healthcare largest segment for Air Liquide in Europe

Global industrial gas company Air Liquide saw its healthcare segment grow by 11.2% to €3.1bn globally in 2016. Healthcare is now its largest business in Europe surpassing industrial gas for the first time.

Interview: Ariel Beery, CEO of MobileODT – turning mobile phones into diagnostic equipment

Are mobile phones the latest in high-tech, low cost diagnostic equipment? The humble mobile is being transformed into a medical tool, and the team behind this transformation say their bolt-on device brings expert clinical diagnosis to previously inaccessible areas. We caught up with Ariel Beery, co-founder and CEO of Israel-based MobileODT - which is in the running for the HBI Best Use of Digital Award at our 2017 conference in April - about his business model.

Interview: Dr Nelson Gitonga, CEO of Insight Health Advisors

With experience of supporting the private sector, NGOs, development partners and the Kenyan Government, Dr Nelson Gitonga is well versed in the Kenyan health system. Right now, his services are likely to be in high demand. The country’s healthcare market is buzzing with foreign entrants and local players looking to cash in on a period of rapid growth. In this interview, Gitonga puts recent developments in their historical context and points to some areas of common oversight.

Cerner set to enter healthcare services in the Middle East

US healthcare IT player Cerner has electronic patient records across the Middle East. It is now set to provide services that will enable governments to better control the spread of diabetes. A large contract is in the offing.

TMC eyes up Saudi Arabia

We caught up with Filipino hospital operator The Medical City and its plans for the GCC to meet the needs of the millions strong filipino diaspora. It also plans to target low paid workers from other countries.

Apps mean primary care can be consolidated

New ehealth apps mean that the primary care sector in emerging markets can be profitably consolidated for the first time. We look at the potential, talk to advisers, investors and operators look and at what will be delivered in the next six months.