Payor and Operator Models


Flagship PPP in Czech elderly care slows

Earlier this year elderly care providers in Czechia had been looking to a new public-private partnership in Brno as a model for future agreements. However, HBI hears that the project is already slowing and the market is instead looking to alternative models. HBI speaks to David Volny, CEE-focussed partner at PE firm Dynacor Capital, to find out more.

PIS isn’t poor when it comes to health care

Law and Justice, (PIS) the governing party in Poland has had a problematic relationship with private health care. After all it was PIS that ran TV adverts showing a dystopian future in which ambulances were shown refusing uninsured patients. And PIS which confiscated inbound PPE for private operators switching it to the NHS. So is surprising to hear a major operator lauding PIS as a good partner.

HBI 2021: Length of imaging outsourcing contracts increase

Much of EMEA has shifted away from short three-year outsourcing contracts for imaging services. The UK, however, is lagging behind as its 3+2 year procurement laws are deterring the private sector from making major investments.

HBI 2021: Whether to buy or build digital health

There are three levels to digitalisation for healthcare providers: the foundation is clinical information systems, the middle is customer patient journey and the top is using data to understand it all. Elsan, Humanitas and Schoen Klinik talked at HBI 2021 about whether to buy or build these capabilities.

HBI 2021: Korian CEO ‘doesn’t want to take company global’

Sophie Boissard, the CEO of pan-European elderly care group Korian, does not want to take the group into a multiplicity of markets, she told delegates at HBI 2021. The stance is in contrast to Bupa and Helios, who are building asset-light digital touchpoints to reach more global customers. 

Spain’s Alzira costs double after Ribera ejected

Spain may regret dismantling its pioneering Alzira model. HBI hears that costs have nearly tripled since it booted Ribera Salud out of the Valencian project. A similar fate might await Torrevieja, which expires next month.

German election threat to whole healthcare system

Potential winners of Germany's upcoming elections are pledging to abolish private medical insurance (PKV). The move could spell disaster for the whole healthcare sector: it accounts for 37% of all expenditure.

Still unclear where for-profit sector will benefit from EU funds

European countries will spend about €50bn on healthcare infrastructure spending thanks to loans and grants from the EU. However, we are months down the line and it's still not clear how the for-profit will benefit. Some operators are also worried that a flood of public sector capex spending will make them less competitive.

UK NHS dental activity may never return to pre-Covid levels

There were strong opinions at HBI 2020 on the key question as to whether NHS activity in the UK will ever return to pre-pandemic levels; UK CEOs and investors at HBI 2021 were less than optimistic about its chances, but double digit private growth is filling the gap.

Payors & Providers – Strengthening ties

Bupa, Cigna and Axa all have very different approaches to healthcare delivery. Yes, all three are moving strongly towards owning the diagnostic first mile of the patient journey. But Bupa has developed a model with a lot of vertical integration, owning assets as varied as dentistry, hospitals and outpatient, Axa has bought some assets where […]

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