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Law could open up opportunities in German respiratory care

A draft law is being discussed in the German Parliament which could change the way businesses provide oxygen therapy outside of hospital, by moving patients away from homecare ventilation and into specialised nursing homes for respiratory treatment. An investor talks to us about this potential opportunity.

Interview: Anders Lönnberg, Politician, Health Care expert, Sweden

Joyously replete with war stories lost and won, Lönnberg, a combative diabetic and social democratic politician has spent the past thirty years fighting for change in health care. So what has he learnt about how health care works? And what is the solution?

Dubai Health Authority finally relaxes rules on telehealth

Two years after Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issued an order regulating telehealth, the department has finally cleared up rules around what the doctor is allowed to do in a doctor-patient teleconsultation. HBI examines how the new regulations will change the market and how they compare to elsewhere in the world.

A poacher turns gamekeeper: Austrian health care reform     

After 19 years as a health care services expert working as an investment banker, analyst and consultant, Martin Brunninger has returned to his native Austria to become director-general for healthcare and social care. In this role, he is responsible for reforming the entire health and social care system under the new reformist conservative coalition government which came to power in December 2017 and is likely to hold power for a few years. We talk to Brunninger about the likely changes and his change in role.

Althea and Medipass may sell as TPM equipment sector hots up

Europe has seen the gradual rise of a new health care services sector - the maintenance and management of medtech equipment by third parties.  Althea, by far the largest player in the third party managed equipment market in EMEA with sales of €500m, is probably ten times larger than its nearest competitors. It has been put up for sale by Permira, as first reported here in 2018. Meanwhile, we hear listed Italian player KOS is pondering the sale of Medipass.

Which countries are using medical drones and how?

The government of India's second most populated state has recently struck a deal with California-based start-up Zipline that will see autonomous drones deliver blood products, vaccines and medication. This week HBI looks at where else medical drones are being deployed across the world...

FREE BLOG Europe’s €18bn fragmented private imaging sector ripe for change

What has emerged during our research for HBI Intelligence's imaging report, now live on our site, is how fragmented the sector is compared to other services. It will be utterly revolutionised by regulatory and tariff changes, AI/teleradiology and changing service-supplier dynamics; it's just no one is sure exactly how.

French labs strike over proposed 10% tariff cut

The majority of France's private lab groups have started a nine-day strike after the country's statutory insurer unveiled plans that could shrink reimbursement by 10% over the next three years.

French teleconsultation providers struggle in first year of reimbursement

Uptake of remote consultations has been slow in France's first year of reimbursement with its statutory insurer l'Assurance Maladie paying for just 60,000 appointments. HBI speaks to KRY's French subsidiary Livi, which says that complex and changing regulations have stopped the public payor market growing, but B2C remains strong.

Italy to start services in pharmacies

From next year some private pharmacies in Italy will be able to offer basic healthcare services as policymakers hope they become the first point of access.

Private sector share of diagnostic imaging in Europe

For this week's infographic, we offer a sneak peak at the private sector's share of diagnostic imaging in 13 major markets in Europe and the GCC. It is a snippet of our in-progress HBI Intelligence report on diagnostic imaging, which will be accessible to HBI Intelligence users shortly.

UK applies €1.5bn band aid to care sector in crisis

The UK government has pledged £1.5bn (€1.6bn) to local authorities' social care budgets in order to tide the care sector over for another year (which includes both nursing homes and homecare). But while councils welcome the funding, a market investor tells us it won't be sufficient to patch up a system in crisis. A provider tells us the amount is in line with what the sector expected but is a tempory solution.

FREE BLOG Insurers – the quiet revolution

On the face of it little has changed in health care insurance. An antagonistic game continues to play out between insurers and providers with the former disputing prices and the latter grumbling about tariff cuts. Value health has yet to deliver. Insurers are sceptical of its complexity and providers who seek to demonstrate quality tell us that insurers are not interested in paying extra or even recognising them. Consumers continue to have no clear idea of quality.  

What are Germany’s biggest for-profit healthcare markets?

Germany spends more on healthcare in real terms than any country in Europe. Alongside France, it also has the highest spending ratio for healthcare at 11.2% GDP. Here, we show you how the German for-profit healthcare market breaks down by sector and give you some insight into M&A in its three biggest markets.

Interview: Peter Graf, CEO, Tiohundra

Uniquely, we think in Europe, Tiohundra, an organisation serving a municipality of 62,000, has fully merged social care and health care delivery. Social care (elderly care, disabled care, homecare, psychiatry) and health care (hospitals and primary care) – have been melded in to a single organisation. So what are the learnings? And are we going […]
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