Key themes and takeaways from the IFC’s Emerging Markets conference

Last month, thought leaders from private healthcare systems across the globe gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to network, share their findings, and consider how emerging markets can become more resilient. HBI was there, and these are our key themes and takeaways.

Chris Toth, CEO, Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company

In April last year, medical device giant Siemens Healthineers acquired Varian Medical Systems in one of the largest all cash MedTech transactions in history. HBI catches up with Varian CEO Chris Toth to find out more about the deal, and Varian’s plans for the future. 

Recchi replaced at Affidea

Giuseppe Recchi is stepping down as CEO of Affidea, Europe’s largest imaging company. The new CEO will continue the company’s ambition to expand into more European markets.

Why Westminster NHS systems fail

Profound pessimism about NHS plans for integrated health and with NHS systems in the UK and Canada was on display from academics at the European Health Policymakers Group which celebrated its 21st year in an afternoon looking at what the group had learnt studying Beveridge (NHS) and Bismarckian (statutory insurer) models.

Spain “too reliant” on for profits to pull the plug

The Spanish government has put forward a draft bill to strengthen its NHS system, and wean it off the private sector. A well-placed source at HBI 2022 tells us that for-profits are so entrenched and vital to Spain's NHS system that attempts to remove them would be too catastrophic, meaning a wholesale removal is highly unlikely. The bill still needs to pass the legislature before it becomes law. 

Imaging and Radiotherapy

These closely related sectors are seeing a huge M&A boom as investors seek to consolidate rich west Europe (DACH, France and Northern Italy). Other players such as Affidea with its platform in 15 countries are also for sale. So what is the attraction? And how far is it possible to build an ecosystem of outpatient clinics […]

Rutherford Health to go into liquidation

The for-profit oncology group which holds roughly half the UK's proton beam capacity and has invested over £240m in capex is to go into liquidation, thanks to the pandemic and NHS indifference. In the UK just 1% of acute cancer patients get proton compared to 10% in Europe and 20% in the USA. What is likely to happen next?

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