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Netcare reveals 45% revenue drop for April

Netcare, one of South Africa's 'Big Three' private hospital groups, says that April revenues dropped 45% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the first financial disclosures by a listed hospital group for a full month of national lockdown. 

Interview: Dr Hugo Stephenson, CEO, Induction Healthcare

The Induction Switch app is used by the majority of hospital doctors in the UK but its owner has only very recently started generating revenue a year after launching on the AIM. That's despite a userbase stretching South Africa, Australia and the USA. Its CEO, an entrepreneur who has founded no less than three health tech companies, talks to HBI about how it plans to turn free-using customers into revenue-generating customers.

Mediclinic founder stepping down as Chair in July

The founder of EMEA hospital group Mediclinic, Dr Edwin Hertzog, will be replaced as chair of the company board in July, 37 years after he founded the company. What does the choice of replacement signify for the future of the company?

Mediclinic cleared to buy hospitals in South Africa

EMEA hospital group Mediclinic International has been cleared to acquire three hospitals in South Africa, after the merger was initially blocked by competition authorities. Does this signal the start of the Big Three hospitals "mopping up" the remaining c.20% of the market?

Shrey Viranna quits as CEO at Life Healthcare

The CEO of one of South Africa's big three hospital chains and the owner of Pan-European imaging chain Alliance Medical has stepped down to be replaced by the finance director Pieter van der Westhuizen, on an acting basis.

IFC invests in triple million fund for sub-saharan Africa

The IFC has invested in the biggest sub-Saharan Africa healthcare investment platform since Abraaj's ill-fated $1bn fund with a view to acquiring and integrating hospitals in east and southern Africa. It's still not that big.

Share prices plummet at prospect of health insurance ‘ban’ in South Africa

Shares in South Africa's biggest health insurer have plunged 20% since the publication of a new NHI bill which proposes 'banning' health insurance for the vast majority of healthcare funding. Private hospital share values have also taken a nose-dive. HBI speaks to Discovery's CEO and assesses who else might be hit by the changes.

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