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Alliance Medical sale “imminent”

HBI hears that the longstanding sale of UK diagnostic firm Alliance Medical Group is imminent, with two bidders left in the process and pan-European operator Affidea tipped to be the front-runner. We speak to three market experts to find out more about the deal which is being valued at around $800m-$1bn.

HBI 2023: Models that cover more people

Insurers are making fundamental changes to health care delivery. A lively discussion at HBI 2023 explored the changing relationship between private medical insurance, the providers who are delivering new models, and the rise of employee paid insurance.

75 years on: is the future of the NHS private?

The UK NHS was once globally revered, but cracks are showing as it marks seventy-five years and a question mark hangs over its future. HBI asks half a dozen experts what role for-profits have in its future - and whether it will it last another 75 years.

HBI 2023: Partnership challenges and value

Overburdened public health services are in dire need of help which the private sector could provide, but politicians can be hesitant. The ‘Building value through partnerships’ panel at HBI 2023 explored why.

Is there any need to panic over South African NHI?

Last week HBI reported on the South African parliament approving a national / statutory health insurance scheme, which would bring universal healthcare to the rainbow nation at the expense of private providers. HBI speaks to a South African operator to find out how this may affect them.

Fighting back against brain drain

Western Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on importing talent to address its workforce crisis, but there are signs of resistance to the brain drain. With Nigeria looking to introduce a mandatory domestic five-year service for all doctors, HBI speaks to a global workforce expert to see if this kind of pushback could have any lasting impact.

Interview: Edward Booty, CEO, reach52

HBI catches up with Edward Booty, CEO at Singapore based health platform Reach52, to find out about growth during a pandemic, the importance of primary care, and digital health solutions.

Interview: Anuschka Coovadia, CEO, Usizo Advisory

HBI talks to Anuschka Coovadia, CEO at South-Africa based advisory group Usizo Advisory, about payor-provider relationships in Africa and ongoing efforts to improve healthcare coverage.

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