Alliance Medical sale “imminent”

HBI hears that the longstanding sale of UK diagnostic firm Alliance Medical Group is imminent, with two bidders left in the process and pan-European operator Affidea tipped to be the front-runner. We speak to three market experts to find out more about the deal which is being valued at around $800m-$1bn.

German for profits’ growing influence in the healthcare sector

Germany's for-profit hospital sector has a growing role in the market's provision. Between 2014 and 2021, the percentage of German hospitals which were owned by the for-profit sector rose 2.3 percentage points to 44.5% and the number of beds controlled by the for-profit sector rose 0.9 percentage points to 24%.

Post Covid regulations in Spain could lead to care home closures

New regulations designed to protect an aging Spanish population post-Covid could see older, outdated care homes forced to close. HBI speaks to Alberto Fernandez, CEO of Madrid-based REIT Healthcare Activos to find out more about the risks and opportunities this presents.

Helios CEO Francesco De Meo leaves with little fanfare

Fresenius Helios has a new CEO. Germany’s largest hospital group by revenue and subsidiary of Germany-based conglomerate Fresenius announced the news in a press release which ignores outgoing Francesco De Meo’s significant and longstanding contribution to the group.

Donte Group expansion could be prelude to sale

Spain’s largest dentistry provider Donte Group plans to have 420 clinics by the end of the year, possibly indicating its owners are looking to offload the group soon.

Fresenius shares rocket to one year high

Germany-based healthcare conglomerate Fresenius SE is trading at its highest share price in over a year – and three high-profile investment banks predict things will get even better.

Fresenius half-year results get lukewarm reception

Investors had a mixed reaction to Fresenius’ half-year results, which saw the firm perform poorly on a group-level, but the core businesses highlighted by the restructuring plan perform well. The company did not confirm rumours of divestments.

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