Interview: Dagmar Dvorakova, CEO and Prof. Dr. Roland Staudinger, managing director, Aquilia Health Group

Smart reha, medical malls, how to best deploy new medtech, Fresenius Vamed veterans both, Dagmar and Roland are full of ideas on how to best build and run health care service models from acute hospitals to rehab and outpatient. Two and a half years ago they quit the mothership to set up Aquila which now employs 45 and runs projects in China, SE Asia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Rep.

Interview: Ray Berglund and Dominic Orchard, Alvarez and Marsal

The pandemic is causing many businesses and their investors to reassess their plans - and their portfolios. HBI speaks to Ray Berglund, Head of European Healthcare and Life Sciences at management consultants Alvarez & Marsal, and his colleague and Managing Director Dominic Orchard, about why they have never been busier, and the clear trend they are seeing towards carve-outs.

Deploying new generation apps – 6 things health care operators must get right, and the 13 mistakes they often make

New tech promises to allow humans AI-driven health care conversations over text, voice, and email, leading to real dialogue and much more intelligent monitoring. Some of this stuff is here now.  Here are the six main cornerstones health care operators should know when deploying it, and the 13 big mistakes that affect health care operators when they try and do tech stuff.

Interview: Pablo Pantaleoni, VP of global strategy, Headspace

Headspace started a decade ago as a meditation app founded by a Buddhist monk. It is now one of the world's most successful consumer B2C businesses with 65m downloads, 2m paying subscribers and north of $50m revenue. HBI speaks to Pablo Pantaleoni who is leading the early stages of clinical trials for digital therapeutics (DTx) through its medical subsidiary, Headspace Health.

Mexican clinic boosts low-income patients by monetising quality

With the help of a results-based financing mechanism, Mexico's largest specialised diabetes provider Clínicas del Azúcar has doubled its number of patients from the poorest segments of society and tells HBI it can now double the locations for potential clinics. We speak to its CEO and the co-creator of 'social impact incentives' about how to monetise extra value in impact investing.

Employer-pay growth loses to individual at big occupational healthcare groups

Occupational healthcare groups Medicover and Terveystalo are growing revenue at upwards of 25%, much faster than the 6-9% seen in other publicly listed groups so far this year. Historically employer-funded, individual pay is now growing three times faster than corporate. With Fresenius Helios setting out occupational healthcare expansion plans, what is the future of corporate pay?

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