Highlights from HBI 2024

HBI 2024 brought together healthcare visionaries, thought leaders, and innovators on a global stage to explore the forefront of transformative trends shaping the future of healthcare. From artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionising diagnostics to digital innovations redefining care delivery models, the conference served as a pivotal platform for envisioning new paradigms in patient care and operational excellence. Amidst discussions on demographic shifts and the challenges of scaling technological advancements, the conference theme, “new models for a new era,” encapsulated the spirit of innovation and adaptation needed to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Themes emerging from the HBI 2024 Conference:

1. AI Integration: The conference highlighted AI’s transformative impact across healthcare, particularly in improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. Discussions focused on AI’s potential to assist in 80% of imaging exams by 2025, underscoring its growing role in diagnostics and treatment planning.

2. Digital Innovation: Digitization emerged as a cornerstone for future healthcare models, with innovations like “phygital” providers blending virtual and in-person care. This approach aims to enhance accessibility and streamline healthcare delivery, reflecting a broader trend towards digital-first healthcare solutions.

3. Elderly Care and Demographic Shifts: With an ageing population driving increased demand for elderly care services, the conference explored sustainable models prioritising patient-centric care. Speakers emphasised the need for integrated, quality-focused solutions to meet the complex needs of ageing populations across Europe.

4. Challenges in AI Deployment: Despite AI’s promise, scaling remains a significant challenge. Discussions highlighted that only a fraction of enterprise AI initiatives successfully transition from pilot phases to full deployment, pointing to ongoing hurdles in integrating AI into existing healthcare systems.

5. Cultural and Social Transformation: The conference theme, “new models for a new era,” underscored broader transformations in healthcare toward more inclusive, technologically driven, and patient-centric care models. This theme encapsulated discussions on adapting healthcare systems to meet evolving patient expectations and societal needs. 

HBI 2024 not only showcased the current landscape of healthcare innovation but also highlighted investment opportunities in AI, digital health, and patient care models. As the industry navigates transformative shifts, insights from this conference set a precedent for fostering innovation and driving positive change. Looking ahead, HBI 2025 in Paris will continue to build on these foundations, shaping healthcare towards more efficient, accessible, and investment-driven models that prioritise patient outcomes and operational excellence.

As we reflect on the impactful discussions and innovations unveiled at HBI 2024, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter at HBI 2025 in Paris. Set to take place from June 24-26, 2025, HBI 2025 promises to build upon the foundations laid out this year, delving deeper into AI integration, digital healthcare advancements, and transformative patient care models. Join us in Paris as we continue to shape the future of healthcare, exploring new horizons and forging collaborations that drive innovation and excellence in patient care.

This article is adapted from the original article entitled “HBI 2024: New models for the new era — reflections on the conference,” available at https://www.healthcarebusinessinternational.com/hbi-2024-new-models-for-the-new-era-reflections-on-the-conference/

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