Innovative Healthcare Solutions in Africa: A conversation with AHN’s Matt Williams

As HBI 2024 approaches, we had the privilege of sitting down with Matt Williams, the Group CEO & Director of Africa Healthcare Network (AHN), Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest dialysis chain. In this insightful conversation, Williams delves into AHN’s pioneering efforts to transform kidney care across Africa, emphasising their mission to provide high-quality dialysis in underserved regions.

Expanding Access to Life-Saving Dialysis Care

Historically, access to dialysis in Sub-Saharan Africa has been limited to major cities, and the costs put this essential treatment out of reach for many. Williams highlights the stark reality: “In Africa, only one in 10 patients needing dialysis can access it, leaving nine out of 10 unable to survive due to lack of care.”

AHN saw an opportunity to fill this gap, starting in Rwanda in 2015 and expanding to Tanzania, Kenya, and now Southern and West Africa. With 56 centres already operational and plans to reach 75 by the end of the year, AHN aims to exceed 100 centres by end of 2025.

Focus on Prevention and Comprehensive Care

Beyond dialysis, AHN is making strides in disease prevention and holistic care. Williams shares their initiatives, from creating a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Registry to launching a nutrition program. Their recent partnership with Avenue Healthcare exemplifies AHN’s commitment to innovative, sustainable healthcare solutions.

Looking Ahead

Williams is set to share AHN’s journey and insights at the upcoming Healthcare Investing in Emerging Market Summit, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation. “Africa’s century is here,” Williams asserts, emphasising the continent’s potential for growth and innovation.

Read the Full Interview

Dive deeper into our conversation with Matt Williams and discover how AHN is revolutionising healthcare in Africa. Don’t miss his perspectives on navigating economic and political challenges and the future of healthcare on the continent. Read the full interview here and join us at HBI 2024 to hear more from industry leaders.

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