Michael Schelper on Caresyntax’s innovations in surgical care

In a recent interview with Michael Schelper, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Caresyntax, Healthcare Business International explored the company’s innovative approach to enhancing surgical care through data utilisation. Schelper outlined Caresyntax’s mission to make surgery smarter and safer by addressing the fragmented nature of the surgical continuum. By integrating technology and data analytics, Caresyntax aims to provide a holistic view of the patient journey, thereby reducing risks and complications associated with surgical procedures. Founded a decade ago by Björn von Siemens and Dennis Kogan, the company leverages its founders’ healthcare and tech backgrounds to drive significant advancements in surgical care.

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Caresyntax’s success can be attributed to its strategic collaborations with major players like Google and Intel, which have facilitated the deployment of their solutions in over 3,000 operating rooms worldwide. Schelper emphasised the importance of these partnerships in supporting more than three million surgeries annually. His role in corporate development focuses on market expansion, strategic projects, mergers, and investor relations, crucial for maintaining the company’s growth trajectory. Backed by renowned investors such as BlackRock and Optum, Caresyntax is well-positioned to continue its impactful work in improving surgical outcomes and operational efficiencies in healthcare facilities.

Schelper highlighted the importance of optimising operating room utilisation and reducing costs for healthcare providers while enhancing patient outcomes. By ensuring efficient use of surgical assets and minimising procedural delays and cancellations, Caresyntax helps healthcare providers maximise their resources. Additionally, the company’s ability to provide structured and curated real-world data benefits MedTech companies in obtaining regulatory clearances and advancing clinical trials. As healthcare faces the challenge of increasing demand and limited resources, Schelper believes that data-driven technologies like those offered by Caresyntax are essential for creating efficiencies and improving the overall quality of surgical care.

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