HBI 2024

Monday June 19, 2023

11:00 amPlenary

Panel discussion: Challenges and solutions

 What are the main barriers to the roll out of comprehensive genetic testing platforms for all patients? And what further challenges are imposed by broader population health management systems? How important is partnering in building these massive systems? Here we dissect the barriers and solutions which we then discuss during the day.

Prof Anna Wedell, Director, Precision Medicine, Karolinska
Prof Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit
Dr Federico Esposti, COO, San Raffaele Hospital

Moderated by Max Hotopf, Chairman & Founder, HBI

Prof Anna Wedell
Prof Anna WedellDirector, Precision Medicine CenterKarolinska
Ran Balicer
Ran BalicerChief Innovation Officer Clalit Health Services
Dr Federico Esposti
Dr Federico EspostiChief Operating OfficerSan Raffaele Hospital
Max Hotopf
Max HotopfFounder & ChairmanHBI
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