HBI 2024

Tuesday June 20, 2023

5:15 pmInnovation

AI and Big Data: Outcomes and Automation

How can and have health care operators implemented AI and big data platforms to improve patient outcomes? Where are we on the journey to automate delivery of care? And how what commercial models work best?  Using imaging and radiotherapy case studies, this session outlines what is possible now and where the technology will take us next. We look at how AI enables reporting standardisation for radiologists and how automation in radiotherapy will one day soon take diagnosis to treatment from 2 weeks to just 15 minutes!  

Speakers include:

Antoine Jomier, Co Founder and CEO, Incepto
Hugues Brat, General Manager, 3R
Nikos Paragios, CEO, TheraPanacea

Moderated by Jean-Guillaume Bayada, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting


Antoine Jomier
Antoine JomierCo Founder and CEOIncepto
Hugues Brat
Hugues BratGeneral Manager3R
Nikos Paragios
Nikos ParagiosCEOTheraPanacea
Jean-Guillaume Bayada
Jean-Guillaume BayadaPartnerL.E.K. Consulting

Fleming - 3rd Floor

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