HBI 2023

Monday June 19, 2023

9:00 amNetworking

Scaling up for the genetics and data revolution – Registration and Networking

How do we best build comprehensive mass genetic testing and data platforms? This conference addresses this urgent, burning question for all university hospitals across Europe as new guidelines enforce the roll out of mass genetic testing, particularly in oncology. And university hospitals are also wrestling with the need for population health management systems linking them to primary care.  

Building all this capacity is a huge challenge calling for new payor structures, cultural change and new partnerships. This one-day forum looks at what is achievable and at how all this can be delivered.

This forum along with our HBI Strategies for University Hospitals initiative and new editorial platform  explores what best practice looks like in these areas, looks at the reality on the ground and digs more deeply into how senior managers are engaging with these issues.

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