Prof Dr med Christian Schmidt


LifeLink Medical

CEO LifeLink Medical (a Partners Group Company) – More than medicine: “Diagnostics and therapy from a single source, regional, digital and close to people” 

After 10 years of clinical experience as Board certified surgeon at the University clinic in Kiel he gained 20 years of experience in leading, managing and transforming maximum care hospitals and hospital groups as CEO in Cologne, Minden and University Medical Center in Rostock. Christian started his PE Career in 2022 with GHD (a Nordic Capital Company) as CEO, before joining LifeLink Medical in 2024. He has a track record of spearheading execution of digital transformation strategies to bring innovation in medical / clinical practices. He has also proven ability to build trusted cooperation with the committees, advisory boards, external institutions, and stakeholders to advance the organizational vision. Strong scientific acumen; authored 78 original research papers and 20+ book chapters.

Christian received his Medical and Doctorate Degree from the University of Münster and the Venia Legendi from the University of Kiel. He also holds an MPH degree from the University in Bielefeld.

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