Thomas McMullen announces HBI 2025 move to Paris – Expanded networking and partnering opportunities

The HBI conference stands out as a unique event that combines business interests with a genuine concern for patient outcomes. In this video, Thomas McMullen, Managing Director of Healthcare Business International, discusses a significant change for the HBI 2025 event: the move from London to Paris. Since its inception, the annual HBI conference has been held in London, making next year’s event its 15th anniversary. McMullen emphasises that the mission is to promote continuity and further the conference’s impact on the healthcare industry.

The conference aims to address the needs of high-level delegates, including provider CEOs, investors, advisers, and suppliers. Plans for HBI 2025 include organising a dedicated HBI networking train ride via the Eurostar from London to Paris to kick off a networking experience with our UK-based partners and delegates on route to Paris, introducing exclusive networking spaces, and expanding into new healthcare service markets while maintaining a focus on core areas such as hospital groups, diagnostics, and outpatient sectors. The goal is to solidify HBI’s role at the centre of healthcare and business deal-making.

Watch the full video below!

Thomas McMullen, MD of Healthcare Business International discusses the move to Paris for HBI 2025

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