What delegates love about the HBI conference

Watch, read and listen to the reasons that delegates enjoy our events and what keeps them coming back year on year!

‘The most exciting to me about healthcare at this moment is the approach towards personalised care. How can we do things differently than we’ve done them in the past. Utilising data, utilising new technologies, movement towards their diagnostics and better management of patients through collaborations.’ 

Mark Stoesz, President Enterprise Solutions – International Markets, GE HealthCare
‘It’s definitely has a place in everybody’s agenda. First of all, for networking between investors management, you know, and opportunities. Secondly, I always try to, follow a number of sessions to pick up one or two things and try to implement that, you know, in our businesses or with our teams.’

Peter Byloos, CEO, Optegra Eye Health Care
‘I’ve rarely seen a conference where the mindset of the people is so action oriented, and that is why I love to come to HBI, because the quality of attendees is extremely high. The ability to have one on one meetings very much focused on an outcome is unique and it’s time worth spent. So these two and a half days are filled with one on one encounters. And I would say 80% of the time with a very specific action plan afterwards.’ 

Michael Schelper, SVP Corporate Development, Caresyntax
‘I think the biggest benefit is it’s networking, right? It’s seeing different ideas, different people you’ve seen again or new people. it’s unique to, to have so many people from both the provider side, the investor side and, the advisor side getting together in one room for, for three days. ‘

Julius Hugelshoferi, Investment Director, Verlinvest

‘What struck me was the availability of some of the brightest minds in health care and the seamless interaction. I get to meet a whole lot of people in a very fluid way. I would not be able to do that in any other conference that I am aware of.  I’m gonna be following up on quite a few leads. It’s gonna be great in the next few months to bring all of our ideas together.’ 

Ronnie van der Merwe, CEO, Mediclinic International, South Africa/Switzerland/UAE

‘The value in coming to HBI for me is to have in one place all the CEOs and leaders of healthcare companies that share the same problems as me. Even though there are cultural differences it helps me to understand what are the trends and focus on my goals. ‘

Gustavo Fodrini, CEO, PalCare, Argentina/Colombia/Peru

‘I pick up ideas from other sectors and think, well how can I apply that to my own as well? It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day running of your business. It’s nice to speak to CEOs and COOs of other businesses who may be able to work with you and form some sort of strategic partnership in the future.’

Richard Banks, European Managing Director and Group Strategy Director, Virtus Health, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Singapore 

‘Very beneficial for our organisation for three reasons: tremendous networking with executives; huge amount of knowledge sharing, and, thirdly, it helps with transformation with the ever-changing business environment. Coming to this meeting helps us manage, lead and drive change to support our clients, patients and our businesses..’

Janti Masani, Director for Strategic Accounts, Abbott

‘HBI is a unique opportunity to meet a lot of peers in my group but also to listen to presentations which bring the state of the art opinion on any type of subject. This year was particularly interesting and I plan to keep coming! ‘

Giuseppe Recchi, CEO, Affidea

‘HBI Events are of value for two main regions, firstly the broad geographic spread from Europe as far as Singapore. There is an incredible geographic reach. Within that there is a broad representation of sectors from acute to diagnostics to digital care. In fact I cant think of any part of the healthcare services system that is not covered in the agenda. ‘

Alan Hughes, Principal, LIT Healthcare, Advisor, UK & Ireland

‘It’s fantastic it’s our home game, our office is 10 minutes down the road and we manage to get 80-85% of our clients into one location over three days. It’s a fantastic time to catch up with on existing projects, new projects or simply catching up with them personally. ‘

Eilert Hinrichs, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

‘ What is great to do is have a five minute conversation with somebody which will then lead to having a deeper conversation at a later point. It’s that ability to just to talk to loads of people. You meet a whole bunch of companies you’ve never met before and the ability to take that away and revisit that in your own time.’

Hedley Goldberg, Managing Director, Rothschild & Co

‘I find HBI Events to valuable to me because I’m fairly new to the industry, been doing this for two and a half years, and here you meet best of breed, hear the latest trends and the best people for great networking. ‘

Ville Iho, President and CEO, Terveystalo, Finland

‘ I believe that every organisation should strive to be at the cutting edge and in order to be at the cutting edge you need to come to events like this.’

Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit Health Services, Health Insurer and Provider, Israel

‘Sitting down having coffee with someone who is doing something really well, but in a different part of the world and we may have been thinking about something similar but we are trying to figure out how to adapt what other people are doing to countries we are interested in. ‘

Helmut Schuehsler, Chairman & CEO, TVM Capital Healthcare

‘ HBI is a very good platform for us to interact with people from different geographies from Europe to Africa and to learn across borders.’

Sanjeev Vashishta, CEO, SRL Diagnostics, India

‘What brings me to the conference is to meet other healthcare providers across the world, seeing what’s happening, sharing experiences, dealing with patients and doctors. It’s very interesting to hear what other people are going through and just enriching myself with different concepts and ideas, how people do business in other countries and the richness. It’s something I find very useful.’

Karim Dhala, Executive Director, Qualitas Health, Malaysia

‘ Learning new things even in areas I should know a lot about. I’m really still learning. That’s not just the case this year, it’s been consistent over the years and a testament as to why this conference is successful.’

Kaisla Lahdensuo, Chief Medical Officer, Mehilainen

‘What struck me is the level of participation – the CEOs and CxOs were here. That makes a big difference. And the LEARNING opportunities. We hear about new technologies, hear about examples from other countries.’

Dilip Jose, Managing Director and CEO, Manipal Hospitals

‘ This annual event gives healthcare operators a precise overview of what is taking place in the market.’

Gian Luca Mondovi, Head of International Business Development, Humanitas, Italy

‘It’s a great platform to discuss, deliberate and come up with solid conclusions, which could be the problem in solving for the health care needs. It was an amazing networking of people. This was a great place to be. When you want to be in business in health care, this is a very important conference.’

Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman and Managing Director, VPS Healthcare, UAE, Middle East

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  • Delivering more content – In the form of data and case studies in every session, which will both inform and inspire the audience and can directly impact strategy.   
  • Focus on the business models – What are the models that have been enabled by digitalisation? How do you build a patient pipeline? What is the most efficient and cost-effective way of building capacity? How do you increase your reach beyond the physical experience. 
  • More interactivity – Our workshops on Monday are aimed at providing small group, peer to peer networking and learning opportunities on some of the most pressing topics for CEOs, workforce and digital transformation.