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Introducing the HBI M&A Pipeline

You told us how important it is to your business to know when an asset is likely to sell, and when there is a deal to be done. This is why HBI is delighted to announce that after months of work behind the scenes our new M&A pipeline tool is live!

If you are an HBI Intelligence or Connect member you can can try out the beta version now, or if not click here to book a quick 10 minute demo. The pipeline is currently focussed on almost 250 private equity owned operators in Europe, but in the coming weeks this will expand to cover EMEA, and be rolled out to encompass listed companies, major family-owned businesses, and investments held by family offices, infrastructure funds and development banks.

The HBI Pipeline enables members to see which groups hold which assets, and how likely these are to sell based on a combination of algorithms accounting for the status of investors and the length of time they has held their stakes, then tweaked by our sector specialists knowledge gleaned through years of CxO level interviews, writing and research. Every entry has a hover-over explanatory note, and clicks through to our detailed company database.


It’s easy to spot trends with the power of the HBI pipeline, which allows users to sort by company name, revenue and percentage and filter by business area, operating country, investor type (currently PE only) and minimum revenue. For example, almost a third of all health care services businesses owned by PE in Europe have been held for at least five years. And certain countries have aged particularly badly – in Turkey, over 71% of investments are over 5 years old and in Russia , two thirds.

The research also highlights that some investors have long-in-the-teeth portfolios. Bridgepoint’s three big investments – Diaverum, Care UK and Tunstall have an average life now of a decade. NPM Capital in the Netherlands has three investments with an average lifespan of seven years. This doesn’t equate to failure. Bridgepoint, for instance, exited UK dental chain Oasis and French hospital group C2S.

How to get access

Intelligence and Connect members can click here  for the pipeline.

If your current membership doesn’t give you access to the HBI Pipeline, but you would like to know more about HBI Intelligence membership which includes the pipleline tool, detailed country-by-country sector reports and a database of the top 3,500 operators across Europe and Emerging Markets click here to book a quick 10 minute demo, or call us on +44 20 7183 3779.


Your feedback on the pipeline is welcome. Email david@healthcarebusinessinternational.com with your thoughts and suggestions.


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