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The current state of interest and inflation rates

The current macroeconomic environment is slowing down health care services M&A, as inflation eats into margins and debt financing dries up. In this week's infographic we look at the state of interest rates and inflation rates in major economies across the world.

FREE BLOG Going somewhere new? Go digital

There's an air of confusion around digitalisation / telehealth. Everyone knows it is important. But as a standalone prospect, it takes time to make a profit. Babylon's stock crash, and Kry's withdrawal from Germany and continuing layoffs do little to dispel digital doom, and many patients insist on a hybrid model of care. But for healthcare companies looking to expand to pastures new, going digital can offer a cheap way to test the water.

Scottish dental group “up for sale”

HBI hears that Scottish dental group Clyde Munro is about to go up for sale, and speaks to an operator and an investor source to find out more.

EDG sale “in early stages”

HBI understands that the sale of pan-European and dentist-led European Dental Group (EDG) has begun, and is in its very early stages. 

Macroeconomic conditions dampening debt financing but not equity financing

Macroeconomic conditions are not causing deal flow to halt completely. HBI hears that health care M&A deals financed entirely with equity are still taking place, whilst a dearth of willing lenders and rising interest rates are making debt financing - and therefore larger deals - increasingly unfeasible.

UK teleradiology booming due to NHS backlog

The UK’s teleradiology sector will see continued sustained growth over the next decade as the NHS attempts to deal with its elective care backlog and outsources more and more radiology work. 

Helios makes digital-only presence in Kenya and Colombia

Curalie, the digital health subsidiary of German hospital group Fresenius Helios, has launched new digital-only operations in Kenya and Colombia. Experts tell HBI this is a good way for Helios to access new markets, but likely won’t lead to a hospital boom any time soon.

FREE BLOG How do you know when it’s time to go?

The problem with being the founder (and often also CEO) of a company is that it’s difficult to know if you're doing a good job. Or - even if you are - when it might be the right time to make way for someone with fresh ideas. How do you know when it’s time to step down? And how does it feel when you do?

Our most searched for companies of the year

This week we take a look at what our readers were searching for most on our website this year and find out which companies were of greatest interest and most likely to be hitting the headlines, whether it be for all the right - or wrong - reasons.

Medanta’s parent IPOs

Global Health Ltd, the parent company of Indian hospital chain Medanta, closed subscription for its IPO on Monday, with a valuation of 22,060m rupees ($274m). The share price has been set at 319 Rs ($3.96). The IPO will consist of new shares worth 5,000m Rs ($62m), and an offer-for-sale of up to 50.8m Rs ($0.63m) worth of shares.

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