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Spanish firms dominate Europe’s fertility industry

In this infographic we explore the top fertility companies in Europe. The analysis is grounded in 2022 revenue data taken from our own HBI database.

The European fertility market reached €18 billion ($19.6) in 2023, which was 55.13% of the global market, according to market research firm Precedence Research. 

Spanish companies lead the European fertility sector. The other prominent players are headquartered in the UK and the Czech Republic.

KKR stands out as the primary investor in the sector. IVI RAM leads in revenue, generating €271.8 million, followed by Future Life with €169 million. Other significant companies include Eugin with €120 million, TFP with €115.7 million, GeneraLife with €87 million, Otsu Group with €76.7 million, Care Fertility Holding Limited with €74 million, and NextClinic with €73.4 million.

Private equity has taken a prominent role in the European fertility market, highlighted by recent strategic acquisitions in 2024 by KKR and GED Capital. KKR expanded its global presence by acquiring Eugin Group’s North American fertility business through IVI RMA, while GED Capital acquired Eugin’s European and Latin American operations, facilitating Fresenius’ exit from its investment in the Eugin Group.

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