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GALLERY: The care home targeting the ultra-rich opening in the heart of London

A luxury residential care-home designed for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia, located in the very heart of bustling London, and targeting the wealthy, is about to open. We speak to James Cook, managing director at Innovated Aged Care Limited which is... [+]


Cambian surrenders its adult care segment

UK care provider Cambian has hired banker Rothschild to sell off its adult care division – the most profitable and the one with the highest occupancy rates. The sale should cover Cambian's refinancing needs following two profit warnings and a breach in its debt covenants during the past year. [+]

Insight & Interviews

Interview: Mike Moran, Proton Partners International, on building specialist cancer treatment centres

With three advanced cancer treatment centres being built in the UK, and the newly acquired Gulf International Cancer Centre in Abu Dhabi set to become the first proton beam therapy centre in the UAE, Proton Partners International is making big plans for the future. We speak to CEO Mike Moran, MBE, about how a business formed in February last year is making plans to go global. [+]


The changing face of cosmetic surgery in Europe

Cosmetic surgery is en vogue in Europe. France and Germany alone saw over 1m procedures conducted for the first time in 2015. But a growth in popularity doesn't necessarily mean the arrival of a consolidation trend. While private equity groups like Aurelius and Polaris have invested in national chains, the market remains extremely fragmented. In this feature, we take a look at the emergence of new players, find out which treatments are growing and ask several executives in the sector about their plans. [+]
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Singapore-based investment company puts $250m into Chinese joint venture

A Singapore-based investment company has invested $250m into an Asian healthcare provider, to cater to China's growing middle-classes. [+]

Insight & Interviews

INTERVIEW: Kaushik Sen, CEO, Healthspring, India

Can you make money out of a primary care network in India? There is no question that, generally, primary healthcare in India is "broken". Kaushik Sen, CEO of Mumbai-based Healthspring thinks he has the answer - a new primary care network. But can it ever turn a profit and if so how? We talk to Sen about his success to date, and plans for the future. [+]


The future of healthcare in Nigeria: PPPs and the NHIS?

Healthcare investors generally take a fancy to Nigeria. Africa’s most populous country has a growing middle class and will one day finally put some distance between itself and South Africa as its largest economy. The petrodollars already flow freely into healthcare. But no one has bothered to keep them in the country: not the existing fragmented private sector, nor the government, which has other priorities – President Buhari has been treated in London, after all! So, surely, all that’s left to do is fly in, start a JV with a local partner, consolidate and cut off the medical tourism leak at source? [+]
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