Advinia Healthcare – Innovative Low Cost Business Model – FINALIST 2018

Short Description

UK Care home group with 3,250 beds across 38 homes and employing 4,000 members of staff.

Through servicing local authorities at fees 75% of the national average, Advinia has grew EBITDARM more than 30% and sustained occupancy levels at 96%. They have achieved this through the creation and implementation of process, workflows and rigorous training along with the use of technology. The cost savings associated to this is £1.3m per annum over the last four years.


Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers.

we currently have 16 homes with 550 beds and 700 staff. In January 2018 we are growing by 6 times to 3250 beds across 38 homes and 4000 staff

What is the nature of the low cost service that the nominated organisation is delivering and to whom?

Advinia manages to achieve an above average EBITDARM through servicing 75% local authority funders with fees below national average. We can successfuly operate a care home bonus largely based in the north servicing the local authpority needs, which is in sharp contrast to other providers who are foicussed on the self funder market. Our expansion is also developing with more homes in the north with fee rates well below average. Last year we grew EBITDARM by over 30% year on year through sustained occupancy levels of 96%

When did the organisation start delivering this service en masse?

Month : Jan
Year : 1999

What has been the revenue from the service in 2015 and 2016?

2015 : 14M
2016 : 15M

What is the measurable saving the organisation has achieved as an operator?

1.3M per annum over the past 4 years

What is the percentage reduction in cost on the previous model or in comparison to other competitor


Please describe what makes the service innovative.

What makes the service innovative: factor 1 : Simple and well trained flow processes
What makes the service innovative: factor 2 : innovative use of technology

How has this impacted on patient/care recipient outcomes?

occupancy levels at 96%

What are the next plans for the service?

we are increasing in size by 6 multiples with a major acquisition taking us to 100M turnover