Diaverum– Best Patient Platform FINALIST – 2018


Diaverum provides renal services for 33,000 patients in 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Diaverum created a d.CARE mobile app providing information for patients to monitor their health when receiving dialysis, both in centres and at home. The app displays data from each dialysis session and monthly blood tests. The patient is asked to enter a score for categories about how they feel (bones, medication etc) which produces graphs to track trends. This wellbeing data can be used by doctors to monitor and tailor care. 92% of its users would recommend the app to others.


Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers.

Diaverum stands for first-class healthcare, state-of-the-art education, and patient-centered research aimed at improving quality of life for renal patients. Diaverum’s experience in renal care dates back more than 25 years, when it established its first dialysis clinic in Sweden under the former name Gambro Healthcare. Diaverum has its head office in Lund and a corporate office in Göteborg. Today, 11,000 employees care for 33,000 patients in 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Australia / New Zealand. The number of clinics is 361 (Feb 2018) and the turnover in 2016 was 617 million EUR.

Please describe the patient platform. What precisely does it enable the patient to do?

Please list as a series of functions i.e. Make an appointment, etc.

  • The d.CARE app is our mobile app designed to empower our patients to take an active part in their health and wellbeing by providing information at their fingertips. Our app provides dialysis information not only for those patients that undertake HD (haemodialysis) in our kidney centres but also for Home HD (dialysis carried out at the patient’s home) and PD patients (patients who do peritoneal dialysis).

    The d.CARE APP is a modern way of patient empowerment.
    -It complements the relationship between the patient and the physician.
    -It helps reducing complications and hospitalization.
    -It provides 24-hour access to the patient’s personal and medical data.
    -Through the app, patients get involved and are able to manage their care actively, get a better understanding of living with CKD and improve their quality of life.

    The app will display data from each dialysis session and from the monthly blood test results. The patient is also able to enter an How-I-feel-score. Patients are able to view information divided into different sections:
    -How I feel
    -My scores
    -My medications
    -My bones
    -My energy
    -My dialysis
    Data can be viewed for each date it was entered and a trend can be displayed in a graph.

    The app is available for download in the Google Android app store. Patients are provided with log in details.

What in your opinion makes the platform unique?

The APP offers a unique way for patients to become more involved in their treatment by having access to their treatment data at the tip of their finger. It also offers the possibility for patients to enter information about their well-being which is used as input to their meetings with their doctors. With more information about the patient’s well being, the doctor can get a more complete picture and provide more efficient care.

When was the service first launched?

  • Month : March
  • Year : 2015

What impact has the platform had on your business?

  • How many users have signed up for the service? : 543 (Feb 2018)
  • How many have subsequently become active users) (We would expect this to be a small percentage of the sign ups). Please define what exactly you mean by an active user. : Due to the nature of the patient platform – a smartphone app, it is not possible to measure the patient activity directly.
  • Have you a net promoter score for the service from active users? If so, what is it? : 92,92% would recommend the app to others. (results from a survey conducted in 2015)
  • Has it led to any incremental increase in revenue? If so, how can you best quantify this? : The app has an effect on our revenue by allowing us to provide more efficient care and by providing us with a competitive advantage in tenders (no competitors have similar solutions). Our patients are chronically ill which means that they create revenue as long as they are in our care. More efficient care leads to less hospitalization where they would no longer be in our care. While we believe the app to have an effect on our revenue, the direct effect is hard to quantify.