Medi Group – Best Building of a Brand FINALIST– 2018


MediGroup has 13 locations across Serbia with 2017 revenue of €30m.

To increase brand awareness and inspire growth in a flat market, MediGroup aligned all its operations under one brand and created a new communication platform around the question “How are you today?” This message was intended to shift the focus onto the patient and get people to start prioritising their health. The result was a 3% increase in brand awareness in one year alongside a 10% increase in calls and 18% increase in visits.


Briefly describe the organisation giving number of facilities, staff, revenue numbers.

MediGroup system includes: 13 sites for 8 Health Centers, 3 Special Hospitals and 1 General Hospital); ~787 permanent staff, ~ 589 consultants. Revenue 2017: ~ 30M Eur.

Please describe what steps the nominated organisation carried through in the best building of a brand. These are likely to include market research, changes to services, the communication of brand values and the measurement of brand impact.

Steps in brand building were:Steps in brand building were:

• Conducted market research: U&A – Private healthcare market overview and Consumer habits research, Dec 2016, Reseach agency Masmi, Belgrade, Serbia.

• Conducted internal focus groups/brainstorming with 2 marketing agencies on private health care institutions in Serbia – market positioning and consumer perception

• Established new Communication platform: ”How are you today?”

• Visual unification of sites under umbrella brand standards and color coding

• Established internal Brand promise: The best user experience, promoted in all company levels.

• Net promoter score measurement in all sites

• Constant innovations in procedures and enriching expertise (best doctors engagement)

• Measurement of brand impact: Brand awareness, Brand image, Number of visits, Number of calls, Revenue.

When were the brand changes launched?

Month : May

Year : 2017

What has been the impact of the change?

• Growth in all levels of brand awareness (Total awareness: 81% in Jan 2018 Vs 78% in Dec 2016). The only brand in health care which is growing.
• No 1 in all levels of awareness among private health care providers
• Increase in No of calls (+10% in Q3/Q4 2017 Vs SPLY)
• Increase in No of visits (+18% in 2017 Vs LY)

How has this impact been measured?

• Market reasarch, Masmi market research agency, Jan 2018.
• Internal data (Revenue, Number of visits, Number of patients, Number of calls)